Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pulling up the past

Jodi Creager at Creager Studios got me to thinking about revisiting my past. Jodi said...
I look at 'older' work as a kick start on the always feeds my artistic direction...just the battery cables I need to jump start my drive...

I loved that, it resonated. Got me to thinking, I need a little jump start.
So I pulled out one of my paintings from 1972, yes 1972! I started oil painting in 1966, I was 10. I like the colors.
What was I thinking here?? Another one of those... "what the hell is that?" I am sure I made up some artsy- fartsy story about why I did it though. About seeing with my nose because I was blinded by the colors and the evolution of the chrysalis, and about how the yellow in my skin is the bile in my mind. Sometimes art is such a crock. After all I was 15 and wanted so badly to be an artist, to fit in with the cool kids.
Probably dreamt this up at night!
Just do it!

I have no idea.
Jodi, some people should just leave the past right where it is. LOL!!!


  1. AND then again Marie, some pictures paint a thousand words.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo

  2. You are so talented. Even then, so much is showing! Give us more!! Hugs, Lynda

  3. Renee, some pictures do, don't they? ;-D
    No need to talk sometimes.

  4. Oh Lynda thank you!!
    I will see what I can drag out! LOL!!


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