Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tin can pumpkin

I did not get much work accomplished at Sandy Camp.
I had loads of fun visiting but didn't get one thing done!
I made this before I left, because I had to donate something for being in the store.
I donated the other Tin can box also.
For the Clay Factory.
And I made this one for my contribution.
Sandy Camp was based on a Halloween theme this year, it was our 13th one.
I was in my glory, I adore Halloween.
Here is the top of the can.
Here is the side of the can showing the little bat feet.
He came in on little bat feet.
Here is the top and the side of the can together,
Another view.
Another view.
A view with his hat on (or top).

I put my own tickets in for this, I wanted it back, is that wrong? ;-D
I put my own tickets in for the other one too.
The people who got them, make me happy, though.  
I made this one on a sliced water chestnut can.

I think I love these.


  1. I love this little Polymer Clay covered tin can! Love those little bats at the bottom of the can too! Absolutely delightful! I will have to make one!

  2. Hey there are some things I hate to part with too. Love all of your pieces. New book giveaway on rings at my blog

  3. I love these too! I would have wanted it back as well ;o)

  4. These are absolutely fabulous!!!! I can TOTALLY see why you wanted them back! LOL!

  5. I put lots of tickets in these boxes but alas mine wasnt picked. They are very cute. I put a ticket in our contribution too, lol.

  6. I absolutely love this oh my!! I would have wanted it back too. You are the queen of recycling with these Marie!!

  7. Love these tin boxes! I can imagine that you wanted them back :-)


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