Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dem bones, dem bones, dem fish bones! Part 2

This tutorial post is continued from
Dem bones, dem bones, dem fish bones! Part 1

Spooky fish skeleton that is not just for Halloween.
At least that is what I think anyway.
I love this cane.
I hope you have fun making it too.

You will need:
Black Cernit
Opaque White Cernit
Porcelain Cernit
Biscuit Cernit
Clay slicing blade
Clay machine
Ruler if you wish

I mixed the black clay with Biscuit and the white clay with porcelain in equal parts
Condition and roll out the black in to a sheet on the thickest setting in your clay machine.
This is the last picture from part 1 here
Dem bones, dem bones, dem fish bones! Part 1

Add a sheet of white to the center of the cut on one side. The sheet will be rolled out on the 3rd thickest setting.

Put the stack back together with the white sheet in the middle...

Roll a 1/2" coil of the white clay and press in to a triangle with your thumb and forefinger.

Add the triangle point up to the fish bones. Like this.

Roll a 3/4" coil of black.

Press that coil into a triangle too.
Make the points of the triangle pretty sharp.

Trim the triangle black piece to fit the stack of rib bones.

Cut that triangle piece in half.

Make the points even sharper if you have too.

Add one half to one side of the tail and the other half to the other side of the tail. Press in to the tail evenly.

Add a sheet of black clay rolled out on the thickest setting in the pasta machine to the bottom of the tail.

Like this!

Roll a 1" coil of white clay and trim to the length of the stack of bones and tail.

Press this in to a triangle shape and see if it is the same size as the stack of bones and tail.

Cut straight down and cut off one point of the triangle.

Like so!

Place a bamboo skewer or brass rod on the cut side of the big triangle on the top 1/3 of the triangle.
Press the rod gently in to the triangle.

Add the other cut sections right back to the triangle with the brass rod still in place.
Form the 2nd cut half around the rod to form a half circle cell in the both pieces of the triangle.

Peel the one section off the other section and remove the brass rod.
Roll a coil of black clay the size of the brass rod about 1/8" and place in the channel of the big part of the white triangle.
Cut off the black coil so it is the length of the white triangle piece.

Place the smaller section of the triangle together with the larger one leaving the black coil inside.

This will be the eye for the fish bone cane.

Using your blade again cut into the opposite side of the cane at more of an angle. Cut all the way through to the bottom edge of the white triangle.

Like so.
Pull off the small section while never changing the orientation of the pieces.

Roll out some black clay on the 3rd thickest setting and place a strip about 1/4" in width on the length of the small cut off white piece of the larger triangle.

This piece will slide under the bigger white piece of the triangle, so the black strip will go along the outside edge of the small piece.

Like so!

Using your thumb and forefinger compact everything together. Shaping back in to a triangle and pressing the small piece with the black together with the large piece of the triangle as if it is one piece.

Place the triangle head in the center of the bones on the stack.

Roll a black coil that is 1 1/8" in diameter and the length of the stack of fish bones.

Press in to a triangle shape and cut the pieces in half.

Make the points of the triangle more defined.
Place one half on each side of the head of the fish.

Wrap all sides with a sheet of black rolled out on the thickest setting.

Reduce by compressing all sides one at a time with the palm of your hand and then flipping the cane from end to end and compressing all 4 sides of the cane again.
Repeat this slowly and gently until the cane is smaller by half the size.
It is best to be more forceful in the center of the cane to force the inside of the cane out.
As Katherine Dewey once told me "Oh, you are pressing on the "x" and the "y" axis which forces the "z" out through the center".

This is the inside of that cane using that method!
Enjoy and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Boos and hisses!


  1. Thank you Marie for another wonderful tutorial! I don't know how you find the time, but I am happy you do.

  2. I am so blown away by these...Marie, you are truly a magician with clay!
    All I keep thinking is how many times I'd have my big fat fingers in the wrong place.....
    This piece is excellent!


  3. Marie, you are the "Cane Master." Love your little fish bones...I should try this someday, but I have yet to challenge myself with such tiny detail that's why you are sooo awesome!!

    Thanks for the tutorial...probably get some kind of alien looking fish!! LOL


  4. What a great tutorial! I soooo want to try this now! THankyou!

  5. Awesome tutorial ~ very creative and lots of work! ~ thanks, namaste, CArol ^_^

  6. YOU ARE SO CLEVER!!! You really are creative and a terrific teacher. Oh my. You are fabulous! Hi Madi! Tsup!

  7. OMG marie! this blows me away! i keep thinking, 'i get to see a class one artist creating something i could not even imagine or fathom.' and so perfectly. you always reach for the final inch.


  8. What a great cane! I'm always in awe of artists who can make such clever canes.... loved watching how you created it.

  9. Its funny marie, when I saw the thumbnail photo on my dashboard i thought these were USB cables. Great tutorial, you are so generous with your knowledge.

  10. Another perfect cane, Marie. Do you ever sleep?? LOL!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us!!! Hugs from Norway

  11. You really are delightfully talented Marie xoxo

  12. You are so welcome Marlene.
    Thank you too!!
    I find the time the same way you do!
    I think the same thing about you!!
    LOL!! We are awesome aren't we??
    Go visit "It's all about creating" people!!

  13. Thank you Anne!
    Magic= many years!
    Your fingers work magic too Anne, I am not fooled by that statement ;-D

  14. Thanks Georgina.
    You make it big and then make the log small.
    I know you can do this.

  15. Thanks Lotus.
    Do it! I wanna see!!

  16. Thank you Carol, my pleasure.
    Kiss Artdog for me!

  17. That is how I feel about your writing my dear kj.
    It is amazing.

  18. Thanks Mylene, what a lovely thing to say. You have made my day!!

  19. LOL!! Those thumbnails get me sometimes too!
    Thanks Jan, you are a dear!

  20. Thanks Lone, yes, I sleep whenever I can. I love it.
    You are so welcome, it is entirely my pleasure.
    Hugs from America dear one!

  21. Thanks Yvonne, what a wonderful thing to say!

  22. Great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs from Croatia!! :))

  23. Great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing, I found it on craftgawker and just needed to check it out :)


    The Creative Muslimah @

  24. Thanks MadeHandmade, my pleasure.

  25. Thanks FeelingFimo!
    I am glad you liked it!

  26. Thanks you CreativeMuslimah, I am so glad you came over.
    CraftGawker is amazing and very new to me. I think I like it.

  27. Great idea!The diy tutorial is helpful.


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