Monday, October 10, 2011

Something was going around, Sandy Camp 13

There was something going around Sandy Camp 13, I suspect these guys.

Patty Mac had them crawling all over her.

Front and back.

Here is why I suspect this.
Lynne Ann is a beautiful, colorful woman.
Talented too.
Here she is with the Princess crown that Ellie makes everyone take a picture with.
A great sport too.
Here she is dressed up. Everyone had costumes on at some point.

But this is what happened after what I think is one of Patty's pets bit her.
Patty's spiders have blue eyes too, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
I had so much fun, I feel like I was hit by a mac truck today.
Oh no, maybe I was bit by a Mac spider too.
Have a wonderful week, my pretties.
You are loved!!!


  1. it is always so uplifting to know that someone you care about is having herself one heck of a great time!

    i know how much this means to you, marie. you are surrounded by your friends and people who adore what you adore.



  2. How can it get any better than kj??

    I loved what you posted tonight. Made my heart sing! You rock!


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