Friday, October 28, 2011

Another tin can box, "Taco" inspired by Ortega 4 ounce green chili cans

The instructions for the tin can box is here.
All you have to do is add food stuffs.

I had to do it.
The Ortega can.

Everything you would need for a taco dinner.

Onions, tomatoes, and shells.

Olives, avocados, and red peppers.

Beans, Cheese, and green peepers.

Lid off.

The whole thing has a taco shell finish.
Taco feet, ;-D
This has got to be one of my all time favorites and it makes me hungry.



  1. That is just amazing! Love the taco feet!

  2. OMG, Marie! Absolutely love this one! I love the taco feet and the chili peppers...beautiful! I have to get a new can opener soon. I really want to try one of these! 8)

  3. I am hungry for Tacos now! Great work.

  4. Thanks Debbie! I love the feet too and I just made 3 tacos and cut them in half.;-D

  5. Thank you Lupe.
    Chili peppers have always been one of my favorites to make Lupe.
    Such a simple thing to make but so dynamic as a design, very pleasing to me.

    Mexican food is beautiful when anybody makes it, clay or otherwise.LOL!!

  6. I know JO!!
    That is exactly what it did to me.
    Thank you JO!!

  7. OK - that is just to darn cute. It looks better than the taco I ate last night - great work, Beth Mc

  8. Thanks Beth!
    I am sorry you had a sad taco last night!

  9. OH
    That is insanely AWESOME! The ingredients look incredible!. And the taco texture! Heck, the avocado texture! And whoaaaa, look at those little taco FEET! Now THOSE are feet I could truly nibble. Gaaaaaaaahhhhh, this is so fantastic!

  10. I totally love it! It DOES look good enough to eat. Darn, now I want a taco...LOL Happy Halloween weekend to you and yours! :)

  11. This is great Marie, I love it! Each ingredient is awesome, love the green onions and the texture of the box looks just like a taco! Fantastic!!

  12. Is it Taco Tuesday yet? I LOVE THIS!!! You are a genius. Those little taco feet - hahahaha! xox Pam

  13. very creative and well done as usual ~ hugs and namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

  14. I am eating a meal that looks very much like your art. LOL

  15. Thanks Bella LOL!!
    You should see the olives up close.
    They look great, if I do say so myself.
    You are so sweet to me!

  16. Thank you Theresa. I am in love with it and the textures and the colors.
    Mexican food is so beautiful anyway and this is like being able to see it any time.
    And hold it!

  17. Thanks Alaya! I had so much fun making each piece!

  18. Thanks Trina, I love making food. It makes me want to eat though.
    Maybe if I just work late enough and go to bed it will be alright!

  19. YAY!! Taco Tuesday LOL Pam!
    Now I am going even if it is not!!
    No, I will make my own, they are better anyway!!

  20. Thank you so much Carol.
    Namaste to you!

  21. Yum Nicole!! I am jealous! LOL

  22. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.

  23. Wow! Quite some work you did here and an excellent one I must say! It is absolutely adorable!!


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