Sunday, October 2, 2011

Something else I got side tracked on

Halloween cupcakes!
I was making molds and had to try some of them out.

I got stuck here for a while, I made one for everyone on the Sandy Camp committee. I really appreciate all of these ladies.

No wonder I do not have enough time for everything.

I keep adding stuff to my list. ;-D
Do you do this?

Are you having a wonderful start to your fall or spring?
I am loving our weather.
The light is changing.
The sky is so beautiful.
What a planet!
We are so lucky to be here.
My favorite time of year.


  1. What wonderful cupcakes! And such a nice gift for the sandy campers.

    It is truly like Fall here today; blue sky with puffy white clouds, and nice and cool. I'm loving it!

  2. I love this and the fish is fantastic!!!

  3. ooohhh this is just too cute! I love it.
    The weather here is always bad so no I am not enjoying it. Especially since I just came back from a sunny and warm vacation. LOL

  4. Yes, I do add stuff to my list, when I absolutely shouldn't. After days and days (weeks and weeks?) of a Cleaning Out Campaign, I have begun lusting to learn...rug hooking. Yep. Maybe I should just have myself committed and be done with it. :~)

    But I love the wee Halloween necklaces!

  5. They are SO cute!!!! What a great idea, Marie. :) I am loving the onset of fall - it's my favorite time of year. Can't wait until I can wear sweaters every day!!! :)

  6. i'm amazed again. cupcakes?!! do you dream ideas, marie? i'll bet you do!

    i never ever have enough time. but every so often a day finds me and i claim it for my own. on days like that, i am my own master and i do exactly as i please!


  7. Hellooooooooooo, Marie! Oh my, you must be having a lot of fun! Halloween cupcakes. But of course!!! They are delightful, and I really love the fishy bones hanging down.

    It's great to see all that you've been up to lately! xoxo


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