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Black and White Canes #2 Atomic age influence part 2

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This design is from a web site called Lamp in a Box
Here is where this design is
Great Idea!

Continued from Part 1:
You will need:
2 blocks of Opaque White Cernit
1 block of Black Cernit
Porcelain White Cernit big block
Clay machine
Clay Slicing blade

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Mix the small blocks of Opaque white with equal amounts of the porcelain white.
Then mix the black block with an equal amount of the porcelain white. It will look slightly lighter, but bakes up a beautiful black color.

1. Stand the cane on the end so you are looking at the 1"square end. Roll out some of the black clay on the 5th thickest setting in your clay machine.
Cut down through the cane right in the middle.

2. Leave the one half standing where it is and take the other half and place it on your black sheet of clay. Remember the orientation of this one because you are going to put it back exactly the way it was.  

3. Trim away the black so you have a sheet of black on the white half.

4. Put the one half back with the other and lightly press them together. No smooshing here. Lightly tacking is good!

5. Next cut you make is going to fan out slightly on the left, maybe a quarter-inch, maybe less.

6. Take away the cut section and place it on the back sheet and trim away so you have a black sheet on this section.

7. Place that section back with the block. Tack together again.

8. Now make the same size cut on the right of the black. If you stand up when making cuts and look down over the top of your block as you cat you can make sure the blade is going straight up and down.

9. Place it on the black and trim a sheet to go on the white and place it back together and tack it together.

10. Make another cut on the left side.

11. Black sheet again and put it back and tack.

12. Cut on the right side.

13. Trim the black sheet to match and put back together with black and tack together.

14. Press gently on one side of the block with the flat part of your palm.

15. Rotate the block one-quarter and press gently on the side with the flat of your palm.
You are press on the sides not the ends with the image you made on them.

16. Rotate the block one-quarter and press gently on the side with the flat of your palm.

17. Rotate the block one-quarter and press gently on the side with the flat of your palm.

18. And then back to the beginning. Now flip the cane from end to end and do the pressing steps all over again.
This is slow and even. Flipping the cane block from end to end when you do all four sides.
The cane block will start to get smaller and longer in length.
Once it starts to get about and few inches long you can hold one end and slide you fingers over the side to lengthen. Do all four sides and then flip from end to end again.
You want to do this until the cane block is about 6 and a half or seven inches long.
Continued in part 3...

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