Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- next time

It is official- teething sucks.
Madi is now sick with a cold from lowered resistance from teething. At least that is what her doctor says.
She also bit her tongue really bad.
It is even suckier that I can not really do anything for her.
I get it. This is why they say two-year olds are so rotten.

She says she wants something to drink and I bring it to her and she tells me no! No she screams at me.
I have no time to leisurely browse the Internet to look for non traditional medium for Wednesday wonders.
I did make this last week though and it is now listed in my shop.

I love these hearts of stone. This is probably one of my most favorites and it is now listed in my Etsy store.
If you go look, thank you so much!!

I also made these. This is Frida and her friend. They are focal beads.
They are larger.

I love them.
They are also listed in my store.
I may have to make more of these, depends on the response though.

I still find time to make things and work, even if I have to stay up till midnight.
I take naps when Madi does. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
I am so lucky to be able to be with my grand-daughter and I am so lucky to be able to feed my creative soul.

But this week and last... I am wondering if a real job might be a better choice. ;-D
The weekend is almost here. I may have to leave town.
Have a great hump day you all.


  1. Marie, have you tried giving her Children's Motrin? Worked wonders on my kids during teething and it tastes good so they will take it (and then you have to hide it). And you're supposed to take naps when Madi does, otherwise you'd never get any sleep LOL

  2. How hard for a grandma to have to feel so helpless in the light of your two year old grand daughter.
    Enjoy the precious moments as I know they are there too; and be glad (I hope) she goes home sometime too.
    Your art work most interesting and lovely.

  3. PS - Age 3 is MUCH worse than 2, seriously. That's when they turn into little tantrum-having lawyers. You'll get through this!

  4. I can totally empathise with you on the terrible twos. The year my twins were two I had a 4month old to add to the mix. (They are all in their 50's now) and I can't remember much about anything during those times!

  5. Yes, we are doing that when she needs it Mary Kaye. I just hate to think of what it is doing to her poor little liver though.
    I know I will get though it. I just like to play with my art more and it is so much easier when she is in a good mood ;-D
    Thanks for the encouraging words, I appreciate them more than you know.
    Sometimes it is so nice to talk to an adult!! ;-D

  6. I know Lynn, I just want to make it all better for her.
    Oh there are tons of precious moments and I love it most of the time. Teething no.
    Madi is home, we have all banded together as a family to survive the challenges of the last several years. I am so grateful!!
    I just have to remember "that" after hours of crying.
    Believe me, sometimes it is easier than others. LOL!!
    Today is a better day, much better. ;-D

  7. "little tantrum-having lawyers"
    Wheezing too.
    This is the best Mary Kaye, thank you.

  8. OMG Trina, that made me physically ill.
    Good thing you don't remember. LOL!!!

  9. You are so cute, you might have to leave town! LOL! I love all the new art! Keep breathing and smiling ;o) And, when Madi yells, yell back! LOL!

  10. Hi Marie! What a cute little Frida head! heehee! I love the heart of stone too ;-) xxx Donna

  11. I love your heart and favoritedit today on your shop and you already know how I feel about your adorable skulls!!! Can skulls be adorable?

  12. I'm sorry to hear that Madi isn't doing well. I hope she feels better soon!

    I like what you've shared, but I particularly like the skulls, which is weird because I'm not usually into skulls. :)

  13. I hope Madi feels better soon!!! Love your *heart*!!!

  14. WOW Marie I love the new beads! They sure didn't last long, clicked and they are already sold. That is wonderful! Sorry to hear about the teething. Get her some teething tablets, they are all natural and you can't overdose her on them. They dissolve as soon as they hit the mouth. They do work.

    Love you! (((HUGS)))

  15. marie, you so rock with Sculpey! I love these.

    Poor Madi...there's nothing like tooth pain :(

    I didn't know you had 2 etsy shops and that hubby is there also. I'm on my way! And now I'm following you. I thought I already was!



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