Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OK, it is official!

OK, it is official, I am totally addicted to this book making thing.

This is my 3rd book.
I did this one with craft paper so it will be an art journal.

Blank fresh pages waiting for art.

It has 26 signatures, 52 pages, 1 3/4" thick, 4 3/8" by 5 1/2".

Next comes the embellishments.
I am working on my 4th one now.


  1. Marie - are you going to sell these? Or fill them with art? They are really beautiful. I love paper!!!! xox Pam

  2. I wanna do this but I don't have time. But I will at some point. Great work. So are you now a book-a-holic?

  3. I want to Pam. The amount of time they take though makes them pricey.
    After I embellish them I will decide. I just might make them for Christmas presents.
    I will make one for myself though ;-D

  4. You really do need a whole day to make one Woodwife.
    Who has that?
    I just stay up to all hours ;-D

  5. Oh, I just love your book. I want it :-)

  6. That can be arranged Lyn! ;-D
    Thank you so much.

  7. Wow! Incredible and gorgeous! Keep it up- it's a great addiction! :)

  8. Beautiful! I read in the post, that you said, they would be pricey to sell, but maybe you should try a couple, you never know??? ;o) One seller on Etsy told me, if someone truly loves it, they are going to buy it! And, I have found that to be true!

  9. love love love these, marie. i can hardly wait to see how you embellish.

    your friends and family will swoon over these books. i know the feeling of being hooked on something wonderful. i am glad for you.

    ps tsup smooch! i hope it's been a good summer

  10. That is gorgeous Marie! I love the paper you chose! Keep it up, love to see where you'll go from here! You are so talented!! :)

  11. They are just stunning, Marie. You definitely have a knack for creating them. :) Can't wait to see more of them. :)


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