Thursday, December 9, 2010

Steampunk Mini ala Jodi and Marie part 2

This is continued from part 1

Now for the more later...

I added the lattice to the bottom, it is only glued across the bottom and the sides so it can hold a picture.
I added some more trim to the right hand top.
This whole page reminds me of steamboats for some reason.

I like the way this page turned out. I love keys, so there you are!

There is a pocket here and it holds a tag. I used 2 of those metal pieces (20 pc Triad Filigree Gold Color $5.00) hubby has and glued them back to back to make a tag pull. Just had to cut off the rings on the bottom with a pair of dikes.
Love, love, love, the way this turned out.

Now this is one of the best papers with that ladies face. I added the burgundy trim and gate on the other side, they will both hold pictures or journal cards.

The watch comes out so you can write on it.

And there are cards on either end to put pictures on or write on if you wish.
As Laura (She has some great projects up there now) says "there is tons of real estate in this album"
There is a card sticking out of the top and that is a pocket that is hidden between the pages.

Remember this? It gets moved, but that is a Tim Holtz gear die cut. Tim really has some awesome stuff for steampunk right now! I loved it all.

Another page and pocket in progress.
OMG I just love the writing.

There are 3 pockets here and something in each one. That long one is a chipboard tag with more of hubby's metal on it.

The tag has a watch face that is only glued on the side and the gear is from Tim's die cuts and comes free, it is not glued at all. Little metal flourish on the bottom is from hubby too.

Those little metal cars are available too.

Here is a closer view.

Not done yet at all.
Stay tuned there is more...


  1. Just wonderful---and looks like so much fun!
    I love all the papers, tidbits, etc---if it's paper, I like it!


  2. Thanks Anne, I am really having a great time playing with all the beautiful imagery.
    They are so delightful and rich.

  3. Thanks Darla, I am having so much fun.

  4. Oh Marie! DeLovely! Now I want to go play with paper. Just what I need...another idea in my scattered brain! **kisskiss** Deb

  5. This is so cool, Marie! If I were to try this, I would have glue everywhere. I love it, but I'm betting I would be terrible at it! LOL! xox

  6. Very lovely, Marie. I like the way it came out, too. :) I'm glad you are having such a fun time. Theresa

  7. Another great post!!! I wanted to see if you are ready for OWOH and you are. Can you believe it has been a year since we met through this wonderful event?
    I am excited for it to begin

  8. Do you know how CRAZY I am about papercrafts and paper???? Ohhhhhhhh, looking at these photos is making me tingle all over. Gorgeous paper! All those movable parts and pull outs! WOW, Marie, this is fantastic!


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