Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Wonder- Throw me a crumb

Tis the season, so I thought it would be the perfect time to present a food as art again.
This time it is going to be that traditional holiday cookie- gingerbread.
I know there are gingerbread houses and men but there is so much more than that too!!

This photo is from and article in the
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak 
 I would consider it a kitchen craft, but an art??
You decide and even if you do not consider it an art, it is perfect timing and fun to look at.
Now I would consider this an art! It is a replica of the White house in Chocolate covered gingerbread.
OK, not art??
Let's see your White house.
The chef  Bill Yosses has provided the recipe.

I found this flexible article and these twisted examples at Fabiola and Sing Sing. "They are made by Patti Paige and her team at Baked Ideas in New York City, who think of themselves of artists first, bakers second." You can see the rest of this sweet article at Fabiola and Sing Sing!!
See... artists!!

Then there is the sweet and gingery mind of Freeny
Gingerbread Man Dissected

by ~freeny

Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art / Characters / Animals & Creatures ©2009-2010 ~freeny
Prints available here- I love this guy's mind.
There are even Holiday cards, back by popular demand... of course they are!!

Have a great Wednesday and smile big, people will wonder what you are up to.


  1. I love the Dissected Gingerbread Man! It reminds me of those models that were out when we were kids--the visible woman and visible man.
    Of course, I like anything with a skeleton involved.... :D

    And yes, gingerbread IS art.


  2. Hmmmmmm...I wonder if the kit that the Invsible gingerbread man would come in, would have edible outsides. Just saying. To me gingerbread is like a foreign language. Best if studied from a teacher who really speaks gingerbread. Otherwise something is lost in the translation. My last attempt at a a gb house was....ummmmmm lacking yeah that's it. The Olde Bagg, me no speeke gingerbread. Maybe it's my dialect of royal icing that's the bugaboo.

  3. ~gingerbread in my book...a definite art...a skill that i do not behold...tried a few times..have simply gone to store bought in a box kinds...and even that takes all of me to get through it not falling apart...the white house is amazing...too good to eat...hehehe...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. OMG I love the dissected gingerbread man!!!!

    Love you ~Pattee

  5. Kind of reminds me of when they 'deconstruct' a common food dish on the Food Network channel. Only I would rather not know that a gingerbread person had intestines. Hmmmmm.

  6. I love your Wednesday finds! For me, it is all art!

  7. LOL!!! Great post!! I love that gingerbread man all dissected!! It's absolutely awesome!!

  8. How fun is this? I love that Gingerbread skele-chart! A very seasonal Wednesday Wonder! Theresa

  9. Well, you know I am going to say I love that skelly gingerbread man! lol! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, my friend! xoxo Pam

  10. everybody's commented on the dissected gingerbread man. that's what i was going to do until i read all these comments so instead i'll mention the exercise cookies but really i would comment on the dissected gingerbread man if i let myself.

    Love love marie. you rock.

    p.s. over $ 600 in contributions for Z--from all over the world. xoxo

  11. I was here quickly yesterday and for some reason ran away from the computer before commenting. **weeps** I LOVE the skelly gingerbread men!!! Bad Alice had a gingerbread house party Saturday that we went to. I could not bring mine home for fear of eating it. **blows kisses** Deb

  12. Hahahahaha, the dissection is BRILLIANT!


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