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Fave Crafts Blog hop today- December

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Hi Fave Crafts Blog Hoppers, welcome!
Take off your shoes, sit down in the over stuffed chair by the fire, have a moment of peace at this busy time of year. Would you like a cookie? A cuppa?? A back massage???
Just breathe!!
Do it with me, take a deep breath in slowly one...two...three...four...five... right to your heart...seven and breathe out all stress, rushing, and relax one... two...three... all the dark and grungy thoughts and emotions...five...six... you are loved!!!

December is rushing by at the speed of light. I feel a little crazy and I am still working on Christmas presents. That is one thing that having money would do for me, I could go buy everything in the summer and just relax for once for Christmas.
Those laughing people you see during the holidays have money or they are on the very edge of sanity. I would be the latter.
I am though, glad you stopped by and I needed to breathe too!

I have a quick Christmas ornament I want to share with you.
Here is part one
Here is part two

And now to part three...

You will need:

Cernit Lemon and Glamour White
Wire cutters
18 or 16 gauge red colored copper wire
A Sharpie fine point permanent marker
A 1" star cutter
Bamboo skewer
Star Stamp I used a retired Stampin' up Christmas star stamp
Pearl-ex Powder Aztec gold

Mix the white glamour and the lemon together one to one until one color.

Roll the mixed color through the pasta machine on the thickest setting.

Stamp the sheet with the stamp.

Rub on the Pearl-ex Aztec gold powder with your finger.

Cut out with the star cutter and poke a hole in the top with the bamboo skewer.
Pick up the star gently and make the hole bigger with the skewer.
Bake in a preheated 275 degree F. oven for 25 minutes shut off oven and let cool.

While the star is cooling take the wire and holding one end of it on the pen, wrap the other end around the shaft of the pen.
Wrap tight as you can and wrap down and close to the last wire.
It feels like you are pulling the end wire down and next to the last turn on the pen as you go.

Pull off the coil and the cut off the end of the wire that is left, face the flush side of the cutter toward the spiral.

Grab the next turn of the spiral with your cutters and face the flush side of the cutters away from you and cut the wire right at the end that is above the turn you are cutting.

The ends should be almost matching.

The wire loop should be a little apart and one end will almost be above the bottom one.
Pull them just a bit more apart the way they naturally come apart.

Thread on the star through the hole.

Hold the other side of the loop and thread on the tree.

I am holding this with the wrong hand because that hand is taking the picture ;-D.

Move the ends gently back together. Sometime I have to go past one of the wire and move it back to get it in the right place too.

The Ornament is now done.

And you have the hints for the necklace, and the gift tag and you could also leave both holes out and make a brooch out of this too. Oh and don't forget about an embellishment for a card or scrap book too.

I also finished this project and tutorial Marie-Tangle beads
Part one

Part two

Part three

I finished this Steampunk Album with my friend Jodi. Click on the picture to see some pictures of our progress. From there you can see part one.

I also almost finished a doll using printable cotton paper and one of my own designs here

Here is last months Blog hop if you are interested http://mariesegal.blogspot.com/2010/11/fave-crafts-blog-hop-today-november.html


  1. Thank you for the great tutorial. I especially liked the how to for the jump ring. Happy Holidays to you.

  2. I never knew how to make jump rings until this very moment. Thank you!!!

  3. Loved the jump ring how to. So much gorgeousness in this post Marie! Wow.

  4. Thank you so much Marie!!

    Be sure & pick up your "Blog of Substance Award" at http://flowermouse.blogspot.com/

    Big hugs and love!!!

  5. Thanks so much for all the information ;o)

  6. Thanks for sharing! It's lovely. And thanks for linking up with us--I hope to see you back for the next blog hop in January. I also wanted to let you know that we featured all of the blog hop projects in a special newsletter mailing that went out to our 850,000 subscribers!

    Editor, FaveCrafts.com

  7. Found this on Pinterest - That tree is GORGEOUS! Green and gold, love it!!


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