Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Updates- drip drip drip

It seems as if it has been raining for days. I am a bit melancholy these holidays, I am missing parts of my family. Oh, I have my kids, my hubby, and Madi and some very dear friends, but I am missing ones that have moved and ones that have died.

Thank you all for your well wishes and kind thoughts last time I posted, it made me feel so much better.

I am trying to make my Christmas presents as fast as I can, but I feel that time is running out and I might never complete everything. My get up and go, got up, and left.
At what point should I give up?
I guess I should just keep plugging away until the final hour, the last moment, and the ending second.
I have been stitching a bit, it seems to calm me a little.
I made these sachets and stuffed them with lavender.
This is the first one I made, it is not very good, it was a trial run. It is going to stay with me now.
I used the printable cotton, some images from Dover, and some clay pieces I made, ribbon, embroidery thread, and felt.
You can sign up for free samples from Dover on that opening page down on the left a little.
This one is a color image from a Dover sample and I did a much better job on this one.

I am thoroughly enjoying how these are coming out and it is good TV sitting work.

I hope you all are doing much better than I am and if you have any ideas on how to beat the holiday blues, I would sure love to hear them.


  1. Dover has some great freebies; I have filled a file with their free images. Never thought of using them this way---these are really nice Marie!
    I think all of us are a little washed out this Holiday; I'm still battling flu that won't leave, have a ton of stuff left to do which is not going to get done and would like to go to bed and sleep till January 2nd!
    So my sympathies to you.....I think the Holiday Doldrums are going around.


  2. dearest marie,

    this is what i'm doing this holiday season: i am holding myself to doing 2 or 3 things a day, some as simple as wrapping one present or making one call to wish someone a happy holiday.

    i am content with this approach this year. it means i may (will) not make or create the presents i hoped for, i may even be late with some things, but i will be able to be present and calm and that means alot. on friday i baked cookies, spent a couple of hours with a good friend (who made the cookies with me!), and wrapped two presents. that was my day. there are other things i threw in but i did not feel compelled or behind because i did the minimum i hoped for.

    this follows my Mother's approach of cleaning 'a wall at a time'.

    you do so much everyday marie. you know already i could not do or give what you do and give with madi and for your family.

    i would like to think that you can give the best gift this year to yourself.

    thank you for the pleasure of getting to know you this year. it has been a delight.


  3. LOAVE DEM!!! I just love Dover stuff....great ideas and thank goodness they give you some leverage on their copy rights.

    Have a great week and make sure you enjoy while you work.

  4. So there I was reading along and playing hooky from all that needed to be done when I came upon your thoughts. And then you mentioned Dover and I hadn't thought of them in years. I mean lotsa years....and I went on an adventure to see what they have and got lost in the stacks of their library of absolute wonderfulness. New addiction I suspect. I love what you have done with the stitching. Well I suppose now that I have visited and stalled I should go and play with polka dots.....XOXO The Olde Bagg, Linda

  5. I love the ornaments you made! It's hard around the holidays! But, I find to be thankful for what you have and who you have, makes a big difference! There is always more people worse off than you are! I put on old Christmas music and my mom and I bake ;o) How much better can that be ;o)

  6. Ooooh, so much RAIN!

    These are beautiful satchels. I love that you've added some of your clay embellishments!

    I've been without power for two days now. Ugh. Good thing my parents are nearby. The girls and I invaded their home.

  7. oh la la!!!! I love everything you create!!! wonderful work!!! I need to catch up with so much of your work MArie!!!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  8. These are so wonderful. I just did some lavender sachets myself- yours are putting them to shame. ha! Lovethe little details in there. So glad I found your blog thru grannie annie. :0)

  9. Marie - one way to feel better is to come over HERE and we can just give up, put our feet up on the coffee table and throw M&Ms at each other. :) I know you are missing people, and this time of year, we all feel the holes in our hearts more than normal. Remember Renee would be telling us both to just enjoy, and be in the moment and have fun. :) I am throwing M&Ms at you now. Did I hit you? lol! Love to you xoxo Pam

  10. Oh dear Marie...I am so sorry you are feeling blue and that I am here late to try and cheer you. Maybe you can try doing something childlike and fun - go out and see some Christmas light displays (we have a free one in a park nearby), find a carol-sing, make paper snowflakes. Watch corny and funny holiday films (Scrooged, Elf, Christmas Story). Anyhow, your sachets are beyond gorgeous. They will make beautiful gifts. Just try to do what you can - and accept that you can only do what you can actually do. I hope you have a lovely holiday with your family - focus on the brightness and all should be merry. :) Theresa

  11. Oh Marie ~ I know of which you speak... I am feeling lonely with out so many of my family...

    This holiday is one of my worst as far as loneliness... I'm often relieved when it's over... and no I don't like feeling this way...

    I love your little stitchery's! Not only are they beautiful but smell good too!

    I wish you the very best Christmas and a very Merry New Year!



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