Thursday, November 25, 2010

Marie-tangle beads

I like these, they remind me of Zentangles, but I thought I would call them Marie-tangles, because they are not drawn on, but stamped.

Also, I am anything but Zen most of the time, especially when I am writing the tutorials. When I am creating new stuff, I am all over the place, trying a million things at once.

This is a very old technique for me, using black ink and off white clay, but now, including a stamp that probably was a Zentangle before there were Zentagles, is how these came about.

You will need:
Cernit in Caramel, black, and Opaque white
Pearl-ex stamp pad- black (Jacquard has discontinued these stamp pads ;-( I am using Clearsnap/Color Box Ancient page and they are perfect for this. More intense color and they dry on the surface of the clay too, you need that to make the beads and handle them before baking)
Stamps- Jumbo Miro Background
hand 150-002K
Fantasy Flower 2 - lg 260-001L
The stamp I am using is a very old molding mat from Color Box. It looks just like a busy doodle! The other stamps will work as well.
Or you can find your own stamps, with lots lines for this.
Clay Machine
Clay Slicing blade-SB
knitting needle pointed on both ends
5/16" round kemper cutter

Mix 1/6 of a block of caramel with one whole block of opaque white until it is one color.
Roll out the clay in the clay machine.
Double for thickness and press together the two sheets.

Cut the one end closest to you at an angle that leans in towards the surface,
Leave about a 1" on the surface of the doubled sheet and cut down leaning out at the bottom.

Trim off each of the ends of the strip of clay.

Notice the trapezoid shape of the sheet.
Top edges are angled towards each other and the bottom edges are angled away from each other.
Press the edges together around the rod or knitting needle.
Match the seams together.

Pinch the edges together and smooth out the seam with your fingers.
I also knock the clay loose from the metal rod by twisting the clay the opposite way from the rod.
I do not grab with just my fingers, but I use my palm clenched gently around the clay to do this.
The clay will break loose from the metal and then you can roll the rod and clay on the table to smooth and elongate the rod of clay.

Stay tuned for part 2...


  1. Oh Marie, these beads are SO beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you created them. Theresa

  2. Marie, you´re so talented. These beads are so special. Thank you so much for your sharing heart!! Big hugs and love!!

  3. Oooooo---I like these already! I use stapms with paper clay in a similar manner; not for beads but for some of the textural work I used in mixed media pieces.
    I like the idea of the beads though; especially with the overall design stamped in!


  4. Very nice beads and they go very well with the black beads. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love this Marie!!!!!
    I do Zentangles and so this is perfect~
    Have a great after Thanksgiving week-end!

  6. Tienes un blog maravilloso, me he hcho seguidora tuya, ya que me encantan tus creaciones ytutoriales. Te invito a visitar mi blog y a que me des tu opinión. Besos desde Barcelona (España)

  7. Zentangle inspired beads... fantastic! Love them!!

  8. Hi Marie
    thanks for your nice Marie Zentangles Tut, I love the idea of rolling the clay onto the stamp, ingenious, I'd probably still be wondering how to do that if not for your intructions, so thanks you are so generous.I did not even know what Zentangles were til I joined a group to do some ATC's with the theme Zentagles, now I know, great eh.
    Thanks also for your comment re my wool and felting efforts. I do like doing that . Hope you noticed the little men of polymer clay peeping out of the pockets.
    Bye Love
    E. XXX

  9. Marie me encantan tus tutoriales.
    Te ha quedado precioso.
    besitos ascension

  10. ~good morning ms. tangle!!! i have been reading backwards playing catch up!!! i l♥ve what you have created and seeing the step by step process is a wonderful treat...i will have to try creating beads with my littles...looks like alot of first i thought you somehow had painted or drew within each bead but fascinating that it is a stamp...who would have thought....and as for your cold and coldness...healing blessings to you and much warmth to brighten your day!!! curious george is a hit over here...hehehe...wishing you well and blessings upon you and yours always~


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