Thursday, November 18, 2010

Butterflies are free

My hubby carries Ink Jet printable fabrics in his on-line store the Clay Factory (not just a clay store) and I have been dabbling.
He carries Silk, Cotton, and Organza.

I did some encaustic work with the silk and the silk disappears in the wax and the image is left.
Tres cool!
If you use the cotton the image is stronger and more defined. So if you put the cotton in the background and the silk floating in the wax over the top you will see the cotton behind.
I think this encaustic thing needs some more play time devoted to it.

I print on the cotton and have been stitching some of them on to felt. Please do not critique my stitch work, it definitely is not my forte. Practice does make proficient sometimes, so I will keep working on that.
I used Dover images for the butterflies and the black and white images in the background. I just wanted to test it out before I got too carried away with anything.

I am planning on making some sachets and some ornaments with this type of work. I am excited and it is something I can do in the evening.
I have some cute pictures of Madi that I want to make ornaments with.
I also want to make some sachets with my art work. I will keep you posted on my progress.

I just love how the cotton looks. I can imagine making face patches out of these for clothes. You can use a fusible webbing and then iron the patches on  and then do a decorative stitch around them.

It would be great if I knew how to quilt too. LOL!! I need another hobby!
I do though see something coming from the butterflies.
Fun stuff! 


  1. How fun!! It's fun to see all the things you create!

  2. I love your experiment with silk and cotton. I work in with silk on a limited scale and this looks fascinating. Lots of possibilities. Thanks for sharing a new thought process in progress. I love to see how other people think......The Olde Bagg
    psssssst...thanks for the grocery store share....too funny

  3. Well, I obviously should have bought my transfers thru YOU. I plunked down the dough for the big pack of TAP for my wall hanging commission.....and I am having to go over EVERY LETTER with a Sharpie to get the color right on the fabric. I would have been better off with the cheap stuff I already had......
    Marie, can you tell today has not been a really *GOOD* day? LOL!!!
    Glad your items are working for YOU!


  4. You sound just like me - always lured in by a new aspect to the hobby :P

    Your sewing is way better than mine - love all your experimants the patches and pockets sounds a fab idea.

  5. OK so you know what I am going to say. OMG and WOW!!!!
    Love it!!!

  6. Tienes ideas geniales, me encanta el resultado.
    A mi me parece que tiene muchas posibilidades.
    besitos ascension

  7. Really turned out so pretty, a lot of time and care and it works!!

  8. OMG Marie theses are absolutely beautiful!!! Really really lovely!!!

    Hugs to you~: )

  9. How pretty!!! Yes Marie, you DO need another hobby! Your hubby seems to be quite a handy man. **kisskiss** Deb

  10. How beautiful! I love butterflies so much. I think sachets are an awesome idea. :) Can't wait to see what you do next, Marie! Theresa

  11. OH! i like this one, marie. i showed it to a certain member of my household and the cotton paper is now on her christmas list.


  12. Looks like you are having fun. Sometimes great art comes when learning the ins and outs of a new product. Very cool, indeed.

  13. Fun stuff! I'm sure we will be seeing more of those butterflies, they would make great embellishments on so many things. I keep wanting to try some of that wax stuff, maybe I will this winter. I need to get this big quilt finished before I start any new techniques.

  14. That's so COOL! Wow, what a great idea. The butterflies look beautiful. If I had done it, I probably would have ended up lopping off their antennae by accident.


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