Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday updates

Hi all, missed posting this morning, sorry. Busy weekend.

Wrote the rest of the Marie-tangle tutorial and posted that- one more part to come on how to make the little spacer beads.
I am thinking about adding little sparkle beads to that. They might be nice with those tangle tube beads  too. It will probably go up in the next couple of days. Taking pictures for that.

Loaded a lot of things in to my shop Art from my Heart at Etsy. Took tons of photographs and edited a lot of them.

Got another cold or got so cold I got the previous cold back, too cold here. 28 degrees last night, white everywhere this morning. No snow, just frozen grass, roofs, and cars. It is beautiful in its own special way.
Maybe I can get a picture. I must have the camera ready and get up before the sun does though.
As soon as the sun comes out it goes away. It is so cold though I would rather stay in bed.
It has been like this for a few days. We are all freezing. I know it sounds like whining and it is, but we have a little space heater and no forced air heating, don't really need it most of the time. LOL! Couldn't afford to use it if we had it anyway. Insulation would be nice too. Don't need that in old houses in southern California either, right?
Madi and I are sitting on the couch as I write this, bundled up in 3 blankets, eating breakfast, and watching Curious George. Oh... that is the reason I love the cold and not having very much heat in this house, Love it!!
Or I need feet jammies like Madi's.

I have been playing with paper and I have a very talented and giving woman and website to share with you.
It is Laura and her blog The Paper Trail. What a wonderful place to spend a bunch of hours and learn something too. She has an etsy store if you like kits and instructions "Following the Paper" on Esty. She also has an Ustream and you can watch her put things together.
On Friday and Saturday she has live broadcasts and chats. My friend Jodi got me hooked on Laura and we made some of the Birdhouses for gifts for family on the weekend I told you about the marathon crafting. I am so happy with how they turned out and I am now absolutely addicted.  Jodi is very good at this. I have already made some angel feet out of granite Cernit for another house to sit on. I love them.
I am now making envelope scrapbooks you can see the You tube here.
Thank you Laura for all you do!

Being a holiday weekend, I had lots of time to work, it was so nice.
It is hard to do most of this stuff with a very smart and busy little girl. I have to do as much as I can on the weekends.
Have a great week everyone!!
Be creative and do not forget to smile at a stranger. You just never know whose life you might make better.
Hope you all had a great weekend.
If you live in the US, I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.
Stay warm, especially in your heart.


  1. Por aquí (Barcelona, España) también hace mucho frio, pero supongo que esnormal en esta época del año, Paciencia! Besos

  2. This was a fun to read post, Marie. You have been very busy! It helps keep your mind off being cold, I suppose. Poor thing, you probably don't even have thermal underwear to layer up in! I hope it warms up for you soon. I shall check out your links later, thanks for sharing them. Hope you have a good week, take care of that cold, maybe you need to go out and buy another heater.

  3. I hope you start to feel better soon!! Love your new piece!! xoxo

  4. Yes I agree this such a fun post to read.. and I love your sun!

    It seems Southern California hasn't been as warm as usual ~ did you find it that way this summer?

    I love the bird houses! thanks for "turning" me on to The Paper Trail!

    Hope you have a great week Marie!
    Love and hugs~Pattee

  5. Oh and wow I just saw that Laura lives in Seattle! So close to me!
    : )

  6. Un precioso sol, para un frio invierno.
    Marie te ha quedado fantastico.
    besitos ascension

  7. Sorry this message is so late to you! Hope you are feeling better. Your new work is so lovely. You keep creating the most amazing goodies! Theresa


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