Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Wonder- water, water everywhere

...and in southern california, not a drop to spare.

I thought, this will be a good one, there will be nothing there. Wrong again!

Water is even used in advertising.

The Chinese even have water Graffiti. Whoa!

I couldn't have said it better than that.

Here is a great product where you can paint with water.
It might just make a great Christmas present
Buddha Board.
Have a magical Wednesday.

Martin Waugh combines art and science to capture nature's infinite beauty.
Throughout history, water has calmed the soul, soothed the spirit and healed the wounded. Martin's free-flowing photography evokes images from rolling, rhythmic oceans to drops of water falling upon a lake, taking one on a spiritual journey bounded only by imagination.


  1. Wow Marie you find the coolest things to spotlight. I was not expecting that first video :D

  2. Alan's War was amazing!! Nothing there then voila picture.

    I noticed on the Chinese water graffiti the gentleman doing it was so calm and just going with the flow. In the middle of all those people and he is just writing away. Very Cool!!

    Thank you for another inspiring Wednesday Wonder.

    May your day be filled with many smiles and blessings.

  3. Whuh---Wha---Whoa! Wow! That takes great mental mapping to know where your water has been already! Incredible!

    I wish I could write Chinese calligraphy as beautifully as that. I can write diddlysquat.

    Thank you, sweet sister Marie!

  4. AMAZING stuff! That is just fascinating. Theresa


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