Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, wooden it be lovely? a diy story part 3

The brooches above are done with the wood grain as an inlay.

Continued from Part 2

and here is Part 1

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You will need:

2 blocks of Opaque White Cernit
1 block of White Porcelain Cernit
1 block of Caramel Cernit
1 block of Champagne Cernit
Clay Machine
Acrylic roller
Clay Slicing Blade

Here is the last step from Part 2
21. Here is what all those little layers look like on the side.

22. The first thing you want to do with your stack is start pressing the whole thing together.

You just press down on this side a little.

23. Turn the whole block one-quarter and press down on that side.

24. Then turn it again one-quarter to the next side and start pressing that down.

25. And guess what?
You turn the stack one-quarter and press that side down.

26. You will keep doing this until the stack becomes a little more square and extends in length.
You can also flip the stack from one end to the other. Press all four sides evenly and slowly to reduce and lengthen the stack.
Do not reduce smaller than 1" square.

27. I have reduced and lengthened this down to about 10". I cut it in half and then turned one of the halves 180 degrees horizontally and place one on top of the other.
Press the two halves together.

28. Here are the two halves pressed together and the end sliced off with the clay slicing blade.
You can click any of these pictures to get a better look.

29. I slice off a section that is 3/16". I roll the lines on the slice vertically through the clay machine on the thickest setting.

Here is an example of that slice rolled through the clay machine. When you roll the lines through the machine vertically it keeps the lines close together without spreading them out.
If you roll the slice the first time with the lines going through the machine horizontally it will spread the lines apart.
It is totally up to you which way you do this, but I prefer to roll the lines through the machine vertically the first time for most of my applications.

30. I use most of the sheets I make a little thinner and for most applications the 3rd thickest setting is just right for me.
When rolling the slice through to make it thinner, I turn down the setting on the clay machine to the 2nd thickest setting and then turn the slice 1/4 and roll the lines through the machine horizontally.

31. Thinner yet... turn the sheet again 1/4 and turn down the setting to the 3rd thickest setting and roll the lines through vertically.

Thinner still? Turn the sheet 1/4 again and turn down the setting on the clay machine to the 4th thickest setting and roll the lines through the clay machine horizontally.

Thinner yet... Turn the sheet 1/4 again and turn down the setting on the clay machine to the 5th thickest setting and roll the lines through the machine vertically.

When I make the Bottles of Hope that you saw in lesson part 2, I use the 4th and 5th thickest settings for covering my bottles.

I am done, have fun.

Happy Veteran's Day, blessings all over all of you! Thank you!


  1. As always I am beyond amazed at the art you create. Wood... wow

  2. great tutorial, great idea

  3. ~two beautiful words lay within these unique pieces you have craeted...they are wonderful...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. You are amazing, and your tutorial is wonderful. Beautiful beautiful. thank you for wonderful post.

  5. Marie, geniales los trabajos y los tutoriales fantasticos.
    Muchas gracias.
    besitos ascension

  6. Absolutely glorious! So amazing, Marie. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Theresa

  7. Marie you are too cool to be sharing this. I've always wanted to try and now I can come here and learn! Thank you.

  8. I love these tutorials. I feel like I'm sitting in your kitchen, quietly watching you. Fascinating!

    I like your rings, too. :)


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