Monday, November 22, 2010

Michelle and Stellan need angels

Prayers are needed for Michelle’s beloved Stellan.

You can visit Michelle HERE.
I ask, because I met so many of my dearest friends through our beloved Rene, so I know you to be prayer warriors.
Michelle and Stellan are in need of a miracle.
(I took this from Midlife poet's blog, because why say it again when it is so perfectly put the first time, thanks Deb. I sure hope you do not mind)
Seems like a perfect angel week.
This a real love story, it needs our help!


  1. Thanks Marie. I have a candle going and lots of prayers.

  2. They are in my thoughts and prayers. xox Pam

  3. I'm there praying Marie... We all stand together in this thing called life.... together... strong...
    Going to Michelle's right now....


  4. Lighting a candle Marie, prayers on the way. Together strong....


  5. I just came from Michelle's blog and miracles are happening! What a network of angels this is - you being one of them!! Love, Silke

  6. Oh Marie, God has heard all our whispered prayers! JoY so great it cannot be contained. Miracles abound where love is found. All my love to you, Deb ♥♥♥

  7. Thanks for sharing the story. Prayers are amazing things and they DO make a difference. :)

  8. Mis oraciones y mis peticiones de ayuda a todos los angeles se las mando a Stellan y Michelle.
    besitos ascension


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