Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where I have been

I am so sorry to everyone.
I have been getting ready for Sandy Camp, with my local polymer clay guild the San Diego Polymer clay guild.
I have been working on my jobs while trying to watch Madi (my grand daughter), write for the blog, taking care of my etsy store, making stuff, taking care of a gnarly cold (everyone in the house), marking all of my pieces for sale( not done with this as of this writing 10/05/10), making pirate earrings for the board members, making pirate necklaces for the board members, making cards for thank yous (print out all of the pictures and cut the card stock, glue all of the pictures to the cards I folded), pack my stuff to wear, pack my clay to play with, shop for food to take with me, pack goodie bags with board members, post blogs for while I am gone, read, blogs, go to Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween everyday, do the dishes, clean house and vacuum, feed the cats, clean the cat box, take a moment for myself and my mental health, and I am only getting a piece of all these things done.

Do you ever feel that the world is speeding up? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

I have been trying to get to read everyone everyday, but my life has been so crazy, I haven't.
I am so sorry, I have missed you all. Maybe when I get back from this, I can get back to a little normal, whatever that is.
I will be closing the Etsy store while I am gone.
I am leaving the family and Madi home to fend for themselves.
I will have my comment moderation on and I also have posts lined up for the week. Do not know if I will have access to my blog. So comment and I will read them when I get back.
I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be playing with clay, something a little new and different, LOL!!


  1. Marie - deep breathing. lol!!! Just go and have fun. Forget about everything else. I know your do-list must be forty feet long, but I also know that you will make this weekend magical for a lot of people (I want to be a board member! I want a pirate necklace - boo hoo!) haha. See you when you get back! xox Pam

  2. Awe, no sorries, Marie!!! I am so exhausted just READING all you have been doing! Little zipped up skully is SOOOOOO adorable. LOVE the earrings too. Hope it is a fun, relaxing trip for you. Enjoy! **kisses** Deb

  3. Life has speeded up waaaaay too fast! (and I so am hating Blogger at the moment--having to sing in repeatedly, having the pges jump when I try and type a comment---ACK!)
    I am finally on the road to recovery--hang in there. WHat gets done, well, you know the line.
    The pirate items are tres cool! (as always!)

    Anne.....lost and wandering....

  4. Please,please,please take care of yourself! Ask for help with chores. Yes I said that dirty phrase, "ask for help". Enjoy your trip and have some FUN! Love the earrings and they are hoops! Wishing you loads of fun!


  5. Oh do take a breath, no take two, and have a great great time.

    Hugs Lisa

  6. How long are you staying in Sandy Camp? It sounds like fun! Did you have to make a lot of pirate necklaces and earrings? So sweet of you!
    Have a great time Marie!

  7. Put on your roller skates and enjoy the ride!
    Wonderful creations and have fun too!

  8. Que gran trabajo!!!
    Los pendientes me encantan.
    El colgante es fantastico, parece que sea de metal.
    besitos ascension

  9. WOW! Love that parrot! You sound a 'tad' busy (haha). Have a fab time!

  10. I know that feeling about the world speeding up :)

    Your pirate bits are AMAZING! Have fun while you're away!

  11. That's all you have to do? LOL! Have a wonderful time & we will all be here when you get back!

  12. WHOA, GIRL, SLOW DOWN! I think my pulse rate just skyrocketed just reading your to do list.

    I hope you are having a fantastic time, playing and relaxing and laughing. And I have to tell you how incredible that little parrot is! It's tiny, but so detailed and PERFECT! Oh, ye of nimble fingers. I salut you!


  13. You are so amazing. I love your art and will wait eagerly for your return.

  14. take your time marie, we who love to hear from you have no problem waiting patiently, that's for sure.

    wow! i understand this because the art fair in my side yard last weekend was exactly this kind of necessary frenzy. make sure you get your sleep!

    best of everything at sandy camp. it sounds like a play camp for whimsical grown ups (you qualify!), how wonderful!


  15. Take it easy, Marie. Don't stress and do what you can. :) We will miss you. Take care, Theresa

  16. Have a lovely trip!! I´ll be thinking about you. Don´t stress out - everything will be allright. Big hugs and love!!!

  17. Oh, dear Marie, you sound WAY too busy. Don't worry about visiting - our blogs will still be there when you get back. Enjoy your weekend and have fun playing with clay!! Much love, Silke


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