Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Wonder-Gum Wrapper Chain to Arm Candy

OK, I used to make gum wrapper chains, fun, everyone did it when I was in school. I just made long chains though.

Not as long as this guy though. Gary Duschl
Damn Gary, that is a lot of gum!

photo from Gary's website, click on his pic to go there.

My daughter has a frame that someone made her while he was in jail. I think it is most beautiful and quite inventive, considering it is all gum wrappers.

Gum wrapper art is not just Jail house fare any more though.
Oh wow, gum wrapper wear has become ultra chic and very cool. I love this Tootsie roll bag from Nahui Ollin. You have got to check this out. These bags are nice, very nice.
The detailing and finishing on them is wonderful and they are quirky, I like quirky.

Photo courtesy of Nahui Ollin

I mean seriously folks, this is a nice bag! And way to recycle kids.

Here is the  Junior Mint line, I wonder if it is minty fresh too?

Photo courtesy of Nahui Ollin
Here is a great tutorial and information from


  1. How fun!! I just saw one of those in a museum shop and thought how fun they were... Are you doing well, Marie?! Sending much love, Silke

  2. ~unbelievable what the minds of some come up with and the talent they behold...taking something so ordinary...something most don't even look twice at and then there are these unique people who see art in everything that surrounds them...beautiful...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. will you ever NOT surprise me, marie? you just keep coming up with and sharing all this fascinating art. you could write a book on everything you highlight here.

    you make me think about my own relationship with 'art'. i am a writer and i love the precision of finding the right word. and i would put my artistic/drawing/painting skills at a 2nd grade level. but i don't think what i do do is detailed and precise like this, and like what you do. but maybe it is.....

    here's wishing you a good day and a huge tsupmwah!


  4. We used to make chains that went on forever...or at least a tall as your boyfriend was tall. My Mom asked once if I really thought I was going to meet a 9 ft tall guy and marry I just stopped making the chains. But these folks really thought about more than boys huh? tee hee
    Hope you're doing well. Linda, The Olde Bagg

  5. Extremely clever! I actually like the purse very much! **blows kisses** Deb

  6. Oh wow! I was just thinking about the gum wrapper chains a week or so ago! I couldn't remember how I made them, but I sure remember making them! Thanks for the memories and I'm off to check out that tutorial for a little refresher!

  7. Hi Silke. I am doing ok, thank you so much for asking.
    I love the purse actually. I think it is utilitarian and I love the recycled aspect of it.
    I looks very well made and I love tootsie roll pops and the rainbow of colors involved in this purse.
    What a statement.
    Go Green!!!

  8. What some throw away, Faerwillow??

    It amazes me too. I really enjoy watching the brilliance unfold.

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhh wouldn't it kj? A fun one anyway, I have learned so much.
    I think that we all have our 1st love in creating, the one we feel natural at. I also think that anything that we do with the creative side of our heads benifits us so much more than we know.
    It matters not how well it is done, it matters that it is done. With everything practice makes perfect. The answer, do it more!! ;-D

    Everyone, even my husband, should make things. His work is so simple but yet it is so dynamic and not overworked, pure.

  10. Isn't it funny how some comments from our parents stop us in our tracks, Linda? LOL!!
    I will try to remember my kid magic when I playing with Madi.

  11. Me too Deb, I would love to have one.

  12. LOL!! Darla. Well, ask and you receive!

  13. My jaws hurt just thinking about all that gum. But for something like this, it's worth it!

    Saw some adorable little purses made from license plates once. They were fantastic!

  14. Amazing stuff! That purse is fabulous. Theresa

  15. oh wow!!! I was shopping last friday with a bunch of friends and I saw some of these bags!!! wow


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