Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some new things!!!

We have a couple of new things at the Clay Factory, my hubbies store!
We have a few new pages of Kemper Tools. There are many things here that can easily be used with other mediums.
Kemper tool Index

Kemper tools page 1

Kemper tools page 2

Kemper tools page 3

Kemper tools page 4

Kemper tools page 5

Kemper tools page 6

Kemper tools page 7

Kemper tools page 8

Kemper tools page 9

We also have two new Making's Clay molds, which I also learned worked great with fondant and gum paste

M39009 - Baby Push Mold

M39010 - Masks Push Mold

We have also added three new Air Brush Paint Exciter kits, which work nicely with Cernit Polymer clay and on fabric and everything else

Metallics oh these are yummmmmmmmmmmmy!!

Transparent also very nummmmmy

Opaques very nummy too.


  1. I had never been to that web site before but looked all around yesterday. There is a lot of interesting loot there! I had no idea you had all that cool stuff for sale! Paints and embellishements and clay and tools! I especially enjoyed looking through Marie's special tools section, or whatever it was called. I'll be back to order soon.

  2. wow! Your hubby has a lot of goodies! hahaha!

  3. Oh, Marie! I want it ALL! lol! I will come back and look with a cup of coffee and make my Christmas list. :) I've been kind of a good girl this year - hahaha! xox


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