Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playing with my food again-episode 5, part 2

This is a continuing saga you can see the first installment here.

We frosted a 6"  double layer cake with chocolate frosting.

We extruded black fondant with the stainless steel Clay Extruder. I use the large trapezoid comes with disk set 1- M35155.

We extruded the full barrel of fondant and left them on the wax paper.

We cut 3 short ones (about 2")  and then a long one (about 3") sections. We used 4 long ones and placed them on the north, south, east and west section of the cake on the sides.
We placed the 3 short sections in each of the areas left. We spread them evenly apart.

Then I extruded a cord of black fondant and draped it between each of the black posts.

We cut out four of the heart looking flower petals in the Flower/Leaves cutter set and placed those a top each long post, points up. I used the petal in this clay project if you would like to see the shape of it

We brushed the wrought iron fence with silver pearl powder on one side of each post. Also a little of it on the cord.
You can see our tree in the foreground, with it's pink marshmallows inside.

We placed the tree trunk on the cake and press the skewer down through the marshmallows and in to the cake.

Stay tuned for part 3...

I have been playing with my food for a while and you can see the others...





  1. my imagination is working overtime!

  2. How clever are you, using your clay tools for cake decorating! I am quite anxious to see the finished product, Marie. Waiting for my slice to arrive in the mail!!! **kisses** Deb

  3. I wanna play too. Looks sooooo good

  4. Squeeeeaaaaal, I LOVE that fence!

    Stop! Stop right now. I is coming to eat your cake before you can finish. Mwahahahahaa nom nom nom nom nom

  5. Me encanta como va tomando forma.
    besitos ascension


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