Saturday, October 2, 2010

A very nice thing to do! Jo at Flo Rae Me

Jo at Flo Rae Me is just a really nice person.
Two weeks ago I received a package in the mail along with the others you have seen. This though was surprise from JO.
I laughed out loud. I love surprises that make me do that. YAY!!! Jo, you are the best.

She had made a cherry bakewell cane. A cane is a log of clay that has a picture running all the way through it. You build layer upon layer of clay, it is not painted. When you cut a cross-section of the log you get a picture inside. You keep cutting you get many slices of that same picture. This is a process that was adapted from glass called Millefiori.

I didn't know what they were but they sure looked good and so did that cane she made. It almost looked like a little cupcake.
You can see the post here.

Well... these little goodies are just as yummy as they look, even coming all the way from Merry Ole'. I love them. Jo brought them to the States and then sent them to me. WOW!!
Thank you so much Jo, you are a peach!!
I am so grateful for your friendship, consideration, and your amazing talent.
Take a gander at Jo's blog.


  1. What a kind and considerate gift! Hope you have been well, Marie. :) Theresa

  2. You are so welcome Marie! I am so glad that you like them and thanks for the blog post too - I'm going to put a link in my blog to it, if you don't mind. Take care, Jo

  3. AHHH! Yummy yummy yummy! That is a fantastic surprise. I don't know how you ladies can work and NOT gain, like, 50 pounds.

    Happy Sunday, Marie!

  4. nice lady's get nice surprises! ;-) xoxo Donna

  5. Oh, how fun and sooooo delicious-looking! Yum!! You are making me hungry... Love, Silke

  6. Fat free, right??? They're almost too cute to eat! **kisskiss** Deb

  7. You'd never tried a cherry bakewell? *gasp* What a lovely gift. I find them far too sweet - I'm not a fan of that thick icing but my partner could eat them by the box (and has been known to!)

    What happens to the slices of cane? Are they made into beads? So clever!


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