Friday, October 8, 2010

Paper clip jar and paper clips or boomarkers Part 1

Living with a baby gives you an excess of things and one of those things is baby food jars. I like the little meat jars. They have a nice shape and I saved a lot of them from when Madi was littler.
I wrote this project up quite a few years ago for a book that never manifested. The project though is quite fun and it is perfect for turning your trash in to treasure.
I have a used candle glass project that is quite fun here also.

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Old baby food jars, cleaned and dried
Cernit® polymer clay in green and Opaque White
Buttons- I used the "Dress It Up Buttons®" from the Jesse James Company, Animal World
Crafter's Pick™ the Ultimate Glue
Plastic coated paper clips
green felt
green ribbon 1/4" picot edge
Alphabet soup noodles
Lumiere® acrylic paint Pearl Emerald Green
Clay Slicing Blades
Makin's® Clay Machine
bamboo skewer
Plastic Handle Scalpel SCP

Put glue all over the lid of the baby food jar. On the sides and down to the bottom lip.

Condition 2 colors of green (I used light green and regular green) separately. Use a 1/2 block of each color.
Now roll out logs of each of the greens and twist together.
Roll together and fold in half and twist again.

Take a ball of clay that is a little smaller than the lid diameter and flatten to about a 1/2" in thickness so it fits on the top of the lid.
Start on one side of the disk of clay and press to the lid a little at a time till you get to the other side of the lid.

Press the clay over the side of the lid.
Down to the bottom lip.

Pinch to the bottom lip.
I like the lid to look like this when I am finished.

I then added 3 of the animal face buttons. Just press the shank in to the clay.

Awwwwwwww so cute!

Take a 1/2" ball of clay and roll into a longish teardrop.
Mark with the back of the blade or a knife the center vein.

Cut the side veins with he clay slicing blade.

Mark each section with the tip of the bamboo skewer.

Add to the top of the jar.
Stay tuned for part 2...


  1. Marie have you been to Sandy Camp??? Was it GREAT???

    Again thank you for showing us your techniques!

    Have a wonderful week-end~: )
    Much love ~Pattee

  2. OMG! Where have I been? Why have I not visited? What is wrong with me. Oh Marie, I wish I could attend your workshop. I bet it will be so much fun doing all these clay sculpting. How have you been and how is my Madi? TSUP! TSUP!

  3. Gracias por el tutorial.
    Me va de maravilla, tengo un nieto de 29 meses y muchos botecitos de comida infantil jejejeje.
    Seguro que aprovecho tu idea.
    besitos ascension


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