Monday, May 10, 2010

To antique or not to antique...

That is the question...sometimes it is so hard to decide.
I like the definition the antiquing brings to the piece. The colors darken a bit.
I like the bright colors though too.
Well, sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you don't.
Happy Monday.
You are loved.


  1. good morning marie!

    i think you can't go wrong with either of these choices. at first i liked the softness of the first piece best, but then i liked the pop of the second. the artist knows best, a choice between two 'excellents'.

    this is an auspicious visit for me, marie, because yesterday i added you to my side bar and here you are: a new post just as i'm ready to take a break from my $$#@@@ work reports!

    i hope your Mother's day was good. and i hope your week ahead is passionate!


  2. I definitely like the antiqued one. Though the artistry is in the sculpting!

  3. I hate to make it harder... but I like it both ways~
    : )
    So I agree with Kj! And I agree with Mellssa it's all in the sculpting which I can testify you are so great at!

    Much love to you Marie~

  4. I like the antiquing effect. It is more sophisticated, a more experienced artist. You don't want to see what I would do with clay...Madi's work would even be better! But I can sew! **blows kisses** Deb

  5. Being an artist myself i have to agree with kj. I have to say however it depends on the piece too. There are times when you want a vibrant brightly coloured bubbly piece, that of course would look better none black washed (antiqued). Black washing if done just right though WILL add an edge to vertually any project that WILL give it so much new life & feel that works for the best all round. I'd say if your not sure which way to go then if possible make 2 pieces of the same project(s) then only black wash 1 of them.

  6. Almond Joy has nuts...Mounds don't. Nuff said.

  7. Personally I like the antiquing most of the time. It seems to give the piece a more finished look.

  8. I like them both, but the one with the antiquing does make colors pop a bit more. One thing you might try too---just to make more work!---these would also be great with a crackle finish, which would be somewhere between the plain and the antiqued!
    Of course, then there are three choices......
    I am no help..... :) It would just be another sales option!!!
    I love any!


  9. I like the definition the antiquing gives the detail. But...both pieces are good and each would appeal to different people!

  10. Well since I am an antique too I think I like it better antiqued! lol. All us antiqued pieces gotta stick together...honestly though this is one piece that looks just as nice either way. Some pieces cry to be left alone and others need that pop...this one seems to stand on its own merits both ways. Guess I made this clear as mud for ya didn't I? lol Have a wonderful day! Big hugs Beth

  11. oooooh, cackles....i mean crackles!

    anne stirs up the pot and i like it.

    pam cackled...i mean cackled lillian. maybe a cackled heart would prove it can crack but not break!!


  12. Hi Marie! I think I would like it with the antique finish along the edges, but the center of the heart red (left alone). I know when I do the finishes, sometimes it makes certain parts too subtle. But I love it with the finish along the edges, and in the nooks and crannies. :) xoxo Pam

  13. Hi Marie! Both pieces look wonderful. The antiquing definitely adds depth to the piece. To me, the top one actually looks brighter in color but it's missing that "richness." Decisions!!! I like them both...LOL Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! Theresa

  14. Good afternoon kj!
    Thanks for the suggestions. I am thinking I will still play it by ear on every piece. To antique or not to antique, that is still the question.

    Thank you so much for adding me to your side bar. I am honored to be on your page with so many other wonderful souls.
    I added you to mine too! Hopefully I gave you a brief respite from #@^%& reports. I guess anything would though.;-D
    I had a great Mother's day, I made homemade macaroni and cheese and applesauce in honor of my hubby's mother. Since he was a better mother to our children than I was, I figured it was the least I could do. Yesterday was also the anniversary of his father's death.
    Mac &cheese and applesauce is his family's comfort food. Now it is our's too. With my daughter being a mom now and being on her own, I kind of play surrogate "other" for her and try and make her day nice!
    But that was very nice for me!!

  15. Awwwwwwwwww thank you so much Melissa. I would like you to come live with me now OK?

  16. i like the antiquing! it gives the pieces more demention, like the faces you've made recently and the stampunkys :-) ohhhhh i love them soooo much!

  17. LOL OK Pattee it looks like I will have to get a huge ranch with bunk houses to have everyone come live with me. LOL!!

  18. I could teach you Deb! It takes practice. Oh, I don't sew well at all, it makes me very nervous. I wish I could sew.
    You got me curious now Deb, what do you sew?

  19. Good points Jonty, all of them. Sometimes when Black washing is too harsh, I am not opposed to using brown washing either. I will have to ponder this a little. I do like red, white, and gold washing also. It is truly amazing how they each change the mood on the piece.

  20. Me too Jan, most of the time. LOL!!

  21. LOL Marie... Pattee McDonald! Or Mrs. Doolittle...
    or CRAZY!!!!!! LOL!

    Love ~to ~ you~

  22. More work, but you have great ideas Anne. LOL!!! What crackle finish do you use?

  23. Carol, it seems you are in the majority here. I am sending you a sacred heart today!!

  24. You and me both Beth!You look great for an antique though.
    Clear as mud Beth, but I understood what you were saying. LOL!!

  25. Too many reports, kj? ;-D I just know from what you are writing you are cackling, cause I am too!
    Too funny!!
    A cackled heart wouldn't have to crack!

  26. I usually do the whole piece Pam, so I don't have to worry about getting it on something that isn't supposed to have it. I did just the skulls on one of the switch plates, I will post that soon. Tomorrow!!

  27. Well, I guess then I will just do what I feel then Theresa. I am also going to take Pam's advice and do some in areas instead of the whole thing. I had a great Mother's Day, I hope you did too!

  28. Maybe I should have a steampunky giveaway now, Donna!
    I personally like the antiquing more myself.

  29. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Crazy??? Maybe Pattee, but I know you love it! So nice to be able to do what you love in life. You are indeed much blessed my friend!

  30. i love them with a bit of antiquing best :) xxx

  31. Try different watery washes - more water. Also try colours that are the opposite of the main colours used too.

  32. I really like them both, but if I had to make a choice, the antiquing wins. Wishing you a terrific week!


  33. I like the antiquing. I use sepia or other brown paints to shade everything!

  34. I like them both, but antique looks so special!


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