Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome, Giveaway, and Etsy

Theresa made this with one of my hearts. It is so beautiful
and she made it look so good with the great beading she did!
 Photo credit goes to Theresa @Faerie Moon Designs
Welcome to all my new visitors from Theresa's page, I am so happy to have you visit.
Blessings on you all, new and committed!

Theresa from Faerie Moon Creations Her Blog is Welcome to my World  has posted a
Terrifically Talented Thursday! Clay and Crochet (DOUBLE Giveaway!)
Theresa also has an Etsy store and features people on thursdays that she finds.
Theresa's store is
She has beautiful things and great prices.

It is about ME!!!!!!!!!! and a Talented woman named Emily. I am throwing my name in here with Emily LOL!!
Her shop is Nothing but String  and Emily specializes in handmade Irish Crochet Lace Jewelry and Gifts. You should see this stuff people, that is talent.

Theresa has so graciously featured both of us, thank you Theresa, you are a jewel. Please visit her and Emily.
The giveaway- this is a two-fer too!
"Emily will give away one crocheted hibiscus flower similar to the one featured above to one lucky reader! The winner will be able to select this custom-created flower in the color combination of her choice! The dimensions of the hibiscus are 6" w x 4.5" l. The flower makes the perfect embellishment for scrapbooks, journals, head bands, pillows, afghans, and so much more!"

I'm also pleased to announce that Marie will also be gifting a lucky winner with a custom-designed Sacred Heart (similar in style to the heart featured on the light switch plate). Let Marie know how you wish to embellish the heart, and she will tailor it to your specifications!"

Did you hear that? Emily and I are giving away stuff "ON Theresa's Blog"
Photo credit goes to Theresa @Faerie Moon Designs

Your comment here will be lovely and I enjoy the heck out of them, but it will not count. It will only count on Theresa's blog.


Did I tell you I have an Etsy store?
I am still working on things and trying to get everything in order. If you have any questions, just let me know.
I have to do something with my creations or my husband is going to kick me out!

This is why I have been so absent, well that, and a gall bladder attack, Madi getting sick, depression, fear, doing my web pages, and just life in general.


  1. Sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time - but great news about the Etsy store! Hope to see more of your creations soon!

  2. Marie,

    I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you lately.

    You asked for "words of wisdom." According to my grandfather, "Tough times don't last, tough people do." I secretly think you have the capability of being a "tough ol' broad" when pushed too far. Don't let anyone push you around. I'll bring the sugar if you supply the lemons and we will have some butt-kicking lemonade.

    Big Hugs,

    Pam Jensen aka Mousefingers

  3. ah, so soon i will visit your etsy page and look around with deligtht! good for you, marie.

    later, aligator. :)

  4. That Stinkin' Gall Bladder. Why in the heck to we have it anyway. I suffer, want to die, take me to the ER, it passes, Ok I'm OK now, nope, no hospital. Until the next attack. Phew! Sorry you suffer too.

    BUT, yay, I been waiting for your shop. I was over their this morning. God I love your work.
    Congrats on the shop, take care with the rest..don't be depressed. Good things are happening for you!!

    xx, Carol

  5. Oh gawd Marie, I don't know how you keep up with everything you do.....
    The heart put together with the necklace is absoletuly amazing; it really highlights your talent!
    TAke care of yourself dear sisterfriend!


  6. Congratulations on opening your etsy keep adding such beautiful treasures! And thank you for sending folks over so they can enter to win one of your BEAUTIFUL sacred hearts! This is so very exciting - I am SO happy for you!!! Theresa

  7. AAAAAHHHHH! j CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS! Ohh, I'm so excited! An Etsy! And BAM, a treasury! Woooooohooooo!!

  8. Marie, your gift arrived to day and it is even better than I had hoped! It is so packed with detail in this little piece, I am amazed that it is so small, I'd expect it to be as big as my hand although I knew it wasn't. You are very gifted. Thank you so much, I want to do something for you someday. I hope you are having a good day.

  9. You will have much success on Etsy! Sure hope that you get to feeling better, gall bladder issues are no fun. Wishing you well soon!


  10. Thanks Moonwolf and thank you so much for your continued support. It means so much to me, I am grateful!

  11. From one tough ol' broad to another, Thank you Pam. It is so great to hear from you.
    I hope you are doing very well girl!
    Love and hugs.

  12. Thank you kj!!
    I hope you like what you see.
    I figured moving was better than stuck right now!

  13. This is the toughest one I have ever had and I haven't had one for ages Carol. Darn that gallbladder anyway. I had started eating dairy again after stopping for awhile. Now, I am afraid to eat it. LOL! Hurt so bad.
    Thank you for your support Carol, I really appreciate you!

  14. LOL! I do it just like you do Anne. How do you do it?
    I just keep adding to the stupid list, but find comfort in knowing that it will never get done. LOL!!
    I am trying to take care of myself.
    Thank you Anne!

  15. Thank you so much Theresa and thank you so much for doing such a lovely blog about it! I really appreciate it!! It was perfect!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!
    May it all come back to you 20 fold!!!

  16. Thanks Bella, it was exciting. I have had the store for a little time, it has taken sometime to get everything in order though.
    I just got lucky on the the treasury. I am so grateful for that.

  17. Jan you are so welcome and I am so glad you are happy with it.
    Thank you for the great review too!
    You have already done a wonderful thing for me just now. Thank you so much!

  18. Marie...awesome creations you have!! I found you on Theresa's blog...she spends a lot of time and effort promoting and featuring other artists and crafters and does a fab job!!

  19. Thank you sweet, sweet Dede. I hope you are speaking for the gods of etsy when you say that. LOL!
    Thank you for your confidence in me. I appreciate your support so much, Thank you!!!
    I am better, just feel like I have been kicked by a horse. Getting better everyday though.

  20. Oops, I almost missed you Laura! Thank you.
    I love that new card you did. Can not wait to see the new ink!!

  21. Wonderful feature on Theresa's page for both you and Emily--I already saw it and entered! Also already hearted you Etsy shop--looking good, Marie! Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. What a great idea with decoupaging a table!!! A friend of mine told me today to make wall paper out of them.... such creative ideas!

    When is Sandy Camp ... because I think I'm going to try and make it : )

    You too have a beautiful week-end~
    Love to you ~Pattee

  23. You have some pretty awesome stuff yourself Karen.
    Your work is superb. Those boots are wonderful! I marked your shop!
    Theresa is an angel and I agree with you 100%. She goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyy out of her way for others.
    I hope it all returns to her 100 fold++++.
    Thank you for stopping by!

  24. I hearted you too, CM!!!
    May we both sell much!!
    Isn't Theresa wonderful??
    What a wonderful thing to do. I am so grateful and honored to be featured by her.
    Have a great weekend yourself!!

  25. so are you still moving?

    if you feel or need a push, don't bother turning around. it's just us, the deep love sisterhood, rooting you on.


  26. p.s. marie, the word verif was blessant.

    i doesn't sound like anything but good.

  27. WHOAAA! You go girl! An ETSY Shop. I know that is a lot of work. WHOOOOOOO! The heart is beautiful!!!

    You create such wonderful things! Your daughter is going to be fine. I left you a reply on my blog. Tsup!

  28. Marie ~D Shiller just posted on facebook that wonderful woodland elf pendant! He's adorable and I love the wire work...

    Do you know when Sandy Camp is??? I think I keep bothering you with that question : )

    Much love to you~

  29. oh wow wow wow!!! Congrats on your Etsy shop Marie!!! that is wonderful...I will have to head there after I finish checking out your friends shop!!! and your necklace is amazing!!! you have been so busy!!!


  30. Wow! What great teamwork. Simply beautiful!

  31. Marie dear, how are you? I had my gallbladder removed ten years ago! I thought I would die from the colic - very scary. Take care. I hope you are getting better.

  32. Hi I have missed you so much. I hope you are well. I have to go over and sign up for this give away. I just checked out your new shop. It is awesome.
    I am off to take pain meds and go to bed.

  33. Hi Marie you may or may not know that I too hadnt been around for awhile since early April . I was so sorry to hear about your Gall bladder trouble.
    Please Marie get the darn thing out. I was exactly like you til I had it out in June 2003 ( My DH died in July 03 so you may see what a year that was for me, as he went into hos as I came out.
    Anyway I have never looked back since I had it out.
    You can do without it, so stop putting yourself thru all that dreadful pain.I dont know whether you did get it out yet?
    It is a keyhole op here and you recover quite well after.I had to recover and have my DH in the Hosp dying at that time.
    I think that is why I am so resilient now.
    Nothing phazes me as you may know.
    I havent been on my blog as I said and that has been because I had Cateracts taken off both eyes. and Wahoo! that is all over, I have the best peepers now. I thought I could see before, but this is amazing, and I have lost the distance glasses too, so LIFE'S GOOD!
    Ok see you soon, and Congrats about your Etsy you have such a lot of great stuff. I hope you do well
    Do the L's Good thing Marie XXXX
    Elizabeth K.


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