Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To antique or not to antique... part 6

Clicking on the picture will take you to the picture
and story of these little mice.
Lone from Flowermouse Designs has a wonderful blog and attitude, I like her. Her work is joyful and brilliant in design and color. The girl works in rainbows a lot and I adore that. She usually also has a sweet little parable that goes with each picture and post to tie the two together, Lone's words of wisdom. Eye and mind candy.
Clicking on this picture will take you to the story of this necklace
and a larger picture
The reason I am talking about her now is to show you how she has antiqued, washed, or painted her pieces to great effect. Have a visit to the lovely Lone, you will enjoy it.


  1. Enjoyed her blog much, especially those cute and crazy mice!
    Glad you posted the link Marie.
    As to the clay, or even what I do, we have soooo many choices of mediums to use now; sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming.
    I am back to gel medium and leaves....


  2. OOOoooo the wee mice! Cute-cute. Off to visit them. **kisses** Deb

  3. They are so super-cute! I love little mice. Adorable!!! :) Theresa

  4. The mice are so adorable. I'm going to go see them!!
    Thanks for your kind comment, Marie!! We share a love of hearts!!

  5. so adorable! she makes great stuff!

  6. oh how cute are her mice!!! adorable!!!

  7. I'm on my way, your endorsement is good enough for me.

  8. Dearest Marie,
    Thank you ever so much for such nice words. I can´t describe how happy I´m just now. Bless you!!!

  9. Oh goodness, how adorable! You know, perhaps it should be called something other than antiquing, because that generally means old. But with the white and other colors, it transforms into something new altogether. Wow, the possibilities!


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