Saturday, May 22, 2010

Giveaway 13, part 3- winner

In all of my time of Random Number Generators, I have never ever seen a random number generator pick the # 1. It has though, and that is Jan from Laughing Dog Arts
Jan you are the Winner, please contact me with your address and if you would like to keep it as a cabochon or if you would rather have Brooch.
Yay!! Congratulations Jan!!
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  


  1. YAY JAN!!! She will be delighted!
    And I'm delighted for her too!!!! :)


  2. i was so excited!

    i clicked on your blog, my heart was racing. my breathing was erratic. my feet shuffled.

    did i win? did i win?

    (smile) congratulations jan. look at that content face. i hope the energy of that content face travels from without to within!

    marie, the thrill was worth it! :)


  3. YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!! I won this gorgeous piece from Marie! I can't believe it! Thank you Marie, you are too kind and generous! This is my favorite one of the ones in this most recent series of giveaways too, I'm thrilled!! I think I would like it as a cab rather than a pin back, then I could use it to bead around. Maybe you could tell me how you apply a pin to these in case I change my mind and decide I want it to be a pin.

    Thanks so much, Marie!! This is too cool.

  4. Wow.... congrats to the lucky winner.

    Sending you hugs, Marie...

  5. I'm like you, Marie. Never seen number 1 before. You must have the magic touch (or magic generator).

  6. Oh, congrats to all the lucky winners! Sending you much love!! Silke

  7. Congratulations Jan! A beautiful piece of art you have won!


  8. Hurray for Jan! Such lucky winners of your beautiful work. :) Theresa

  9. Hey Marie! I finally got caught up on your blogs and I absolutely love many of your recent pieces! (I vote for antiquing!) I look forward to seeing what your beautifully creative heart comes up with next! Congratulations to all the winners!

  10. beautiful as always... congrats to the winner

  11. Stopping by to say hi! :)

  12. LUCKEEEEE! Nice piece Ms. Marie! xxxooo

  13. Hello Marie!

    It's been awhile. I have been away for a while due to some things that has happened.

    Just dropping by to say hello. I noticed that you are creating brooch now. Congratulations to the winner!


  14. Oh, Marie, this is so incredibly gorgeous. WHAT detail and texture! It just makes a person happy to see it! Lucky winner!


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