Friday, May 15, 2009

it is rubbing off on me

I am surrounded by doll artists and thoroughly enjoy and admire all of their work.
I am wondering if you can learn something by osmosis?

It is just not what I do, but I think they are rubbing off on me.

My daughter was just in hospital having the cutest Grandbaby in the world (no, I am not biased) and she received flowers in these great little vases. I am always saving things because I might use them for something someday 20 years from now. I saved those vases.
After doing this all of my life, I can not save another thing. I notice with others I talk to, that are about my age, this seems to be something they are going through too. At least I am not alone in this. Must be this "50 something clean up your stuff before you die so other people don't have to go through it or see the crap you have been hanging on to forever" thing.

Do you find that the minute you give it away, recycle, or "goodwill" it that you come up with something dynamite to use it for? Maybe I should threaten all of my junk.

Anyway I am tangenting... I took the vases out of the cupboard and I put them in the "recycled glass" bin. YAY!!! Great start. Now when I do this I must make a note to self to take them immediately to the recycle place. I went to sleep that night and I dreamt all night about doing things with the vases, either I am losing my mind or feeling guilty about recycling perfectly good vases, or a lot of both! I saw the vases being held by the object that I put on them. and this is what I came up with.

The woman looks like my great grandmother and please don't be too harsh in your judgements, I dropped her on her face before she was baked and I can see that I need to take more time with my blending. But the blue eye She also has a blue tint to her hair. My great Grandmother did not. The other is just vampy, and for the life of me cute is in my genes or something, I have a very hard time doing scary. This vamp has some seriously cute melancholy going on here. Must be all of the medications humans are taking now. ;-O

I am very happy with these though and wanted to share and now I can not possibly throw them out, can I?
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. those are so absolutely fascinating and evocative!!! Thanks for posting their journey and pics !
    I am in the act of leaving a 12 year residence and relationship, and being a great hunter~ gatherer, i am daily faced with "i really can let this go, tho i remember the recognition of each item as i first captured it and marveled at the creative possibilities"
    Now you have me wanting to play with clay...
    yu are a delightful artist, and i continue to be amused and charmed at the thought of them ! ... Nivee

  2. oh how i have laughed...a wonderful idea, priceless story and darling sculpts....wohooo yes it happens dolls wear off on you for sure...ask my husband...yall are kindred spirits teehee

  3. Morning Marie...

    First off...CONGRATS on the new Grandbaby! So happy for you...

    Second...sounds like we are all going through that '50' something 'Urge to Purge' phase...(notice that Men never go through this phase)!!! What gives with that!!! And will say "&%$@" when you discover you could have 'used' it somewhere down the road...but remember... 'What we learn to live without...makes us creative in other directions....'

    Love Love Love your 'Faces Vases'.. 'Pint Size Personalities' 'Pitcher Portraits' can sing to yourself..."I can see clearly now a portrait there... I can see no obsticles in my's gonna be a Bright Bright Creative Kinda Day"

    Happy Saturday


  4. OMG Marie! These scultures are adorable. I think osmosis is clearly making sense. Everytime I come to your blog I tell myself to get some clay and just start sclupting. You know what? I am going to that today. Thank you for the anniversary wishes by the way. yes, I will do that. After the restaurant, I will ask my husband to stop by an art supply store with me where I will get some molding clay and create something to remember this anniversay day. I will let you know what comes out of it. Thank you Marie! You gave me a great idea!!!

  5. Marie these are fantastic.

    So I see you are a doll maker now too.

    Congratulations on the grandbaby. I have one so I know the love.

    I love Dracula.


  6. Good luck with your blossoming Nivee and if you believe it will all come back to you and tenfold.
    Thank you for your delightful(I love this) compliment!
    Laughing is good Sherry and thank you for the reassurance that this is totaly normal condition. Thank you also for the wonderful compliment.
    OH Jodi I am roflmao, pure genius in that brain of yours!! Have you ever considered stand up? Faces Vases hohoho hehe he. And thank you so very much, coming from you I feel like I can accomplish anything now!
    Ces that is the kindess most valuable thing you could have ever said to me. Thank you Ces!! Please do let me know. I will be watching for it.
    Ahhhhhhh Renee they are very special, aren't they? I never knew I could love that hard or intense. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I could be that expansive, wow is all I can say.
    I don't know if I am a doll maker too? I see so many wonderful and amazing talented people out there, I am just blown away by it. I am a doll player, ;-O
    Dracula is yours darling, just let me know. marie(A)clayfactory(dot)com

  7. lol!! don't even know my own email. It is marie(at)clayfactory(dot)NET

  8. Hi Marie,,, I see I am not the only one cleaning and sorting, so nobody else will be going through my junk one day. Can you just imagine what they would be saying! LOL I love, love, love what you did with your vases, and so darn original! I see you saw my necklace with your flowers, I was going to send you a message. I thought it turned out so pretty. I have been using them on top of some of my fabric cupcakes too. They look like buttercream frosting roses :) Well have a great week,,, (()) gail

  9. You've shown the World, so you can't get rid of them...LOL

  10. Gail I love what you did with the roses, it is a beautiful pendant. I love all of your things though.
    I think that everyone is doing the clean-out thing, downsizing.
    I have so much though that I feel like it is a never ending story. One day at a time...
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... buttercream frosting.
    Thank you Gail, have a great week yourself.

  11. Dawn,
    I could give them away. LOL!!!


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