Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!!!!


  1. That was WONDERFUL Marie ...just wonderful!

    Love 'Redheads' are very special people!!! Is it any wonder I prefer to create so many 'Red Headed' Dolls!!!'s the Red Headed Magic!!



  2. What a beautiful voice the woman has.
    My red head will have to come from a bottle now.
    I LOVE that you create so many red head dolls.
    When we lose the 'Red head' do we lose the specialness?

  3. Marie I am seeing that we have things in common.

    I posted this song sometime last year. I love Loreena Mckennit and have most of her cds.

    And the Mummer's Dance is one of my favourite.

    Love Renee xoxox

  4. She has the voice of an angel.
    I feel there is power and healing in her music.
    I see we have some things in common too,and it is very nice to have validation on that feeling, Thank you so much Renee!!
    <3 Marie

  5. Hi Marie
    what a lovely lady all that beautiful red hair.Her song so appropriate right now.
    She is just something isnt she and the muscians with her are all very talented and those instruments are just so awe inspiring.
    As a child I wanted to have a piano accordian, but sadly never had one, but I do appreciate good music. thank you for the viewing

  6. Elizabeth Welcome!!!
    I love good music and talented people! It amazes me what people can do.
    Is it ever too late to start?? You should get a piano accordian now!!!
    Again welcome,


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