Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Piñata ink and translucent clays

You probably already know this, but the Cernit colors, Opaque white, Pearl white, Porcelain White, Biscuit, Nightglow, Granite, Champagne, and Translucent can be tinted or colored with the Piñata inks. So in reality you could buy just a couple of colors of Cernit and have your self a virtual field day if you already have the Piñata inks and some of you might. The inks can be used on paper, leather, glass, tile, silk, cotton, organza, lace, and some plastics. This is a very versatile product and definitely one I carry in my tool box.

The blue in this flower cane is Baja Blue Piñata ink tinted Pearl Cernit. The background is the plain porcelain white. The color you see in it is a color core and then the cane slices are added to it. I like the frosted appearance.

Baja Blue and Senorita Margarita make a great purple. One drop of each color should do it.

It doesn’t take much of the ink at all. They are somewhat translucent themselves and quite intense in color. If you are out of the USA you can not get them from us, you have to find them locally, go to they have a product finder there under each product or you can call or write them.

You want to condition your clay. With Cernit it is important to thoroughly condition the clay. I condition and flatten a piece about 1/8 of a small block with my fingers and then I put a drop of Piñata on the clay and let it dry on the clay.

With Sunbright Yellow and Tangerine will probably need a couple of drops. Now when I say one or two, I mean one or two, the Piñata ink is very strong.

With the Opaque white you will get more pastely colors and with the porcelain white they are almost like frosted glass that is colored. With the translucent they will be more intense in color or the strength of the color. They may also look very light before baking and will darken up some after baking.

Put on a pair gloves and condition the ink color in to the clay.

With the reds and the pinks they will migrate in to other colors of clay when the clay is unbaked.

So make the colors and if you are using the reds and the pinks, make your canes small and bake your work right away.

I like that I can use this to make a ton of different pearl colors too and the nightglow is a blast with the Piñata because it still glows even when using a dark ink like the sapphire blue. YAY!!!

The ink is also fun to use by applying it directly to a bead that you have already formed to color the bead. I used this method in my Inkling beads.
There is a link to that and the Piñata Ink Flowers and leaves here.
Here is the URL,
This is another project called Glowing Night Lights here.
and the URL


  1. Hi Marie, Thanks for following my blog. I'm delighted to follow yours, and enjoyed browsing your website as well. Thanks for sharing all this great info!

  2. Thank you so much for the follow Susan!
    You are so welcome, it is my pleasure!

  3. Great tutorials, Marie! Working with clay is on my dream list of things I'd like to learn. Working the clay must be very theraputic and so rewarding!

  4. Thank you!
    Really Bella? Follow your dreams, LOL!!
    I was a painter at a very early age and then when I found clay, I started neglecting my painting.
    Working with polymer clay is like a cross between my two loves(painting and clay)with the colors in the clay.
    It is rewarding to me, very. My hands start to itch when I leave it for any period of time. I start making things out of my bread.

  5. Hi Marie thanks for answering, you being the busy gal that you are.
    Yes all's well here, just havent found time to get in again to blog lately. Must do soon.
    Love this tut on Pinata inks which I have some of, love them, and as you say doesnt take a lot.
    I will put a link in my blog, of this of course when ever I get there,LOL as time flies, see you when I can
    I just dont know how you do so much, but glad to see you do, you sound like your old self, dont O L D but you know what I mean.
    Bye Love
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  6. Thanks E. Don't know if I am my old self but I am a diffrent self at least.
    If you are too busy to blog that is a wonderful thing isn't it??
    Most of my family is gone and the others live far away, so this is a way for me to connect with people.
    Now I have blog family!
    I love it!!

  7. Thanks for this tutorial!
    I've a question, though. I've been looking everywhere for Pinata inks for over a year, and haven't been able to find a single thing :/.
    I live in Chile [south america] and it's hard to find good quality art supplies.. I've looked online [and the webpage you suggested], BUT can't find the product or where they sell them. When I do find a webpage that allows me to buy it, it doesn't ship to my country lol :(
    Could help me out?

  8. I could help you Elita,but
    I can find no way to contact you though.
    There may be a distributor in your country I could hook you up with.


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