Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nature is the best artist

When I am looking for inspiration for color palettes, I go to my yard.

This is a Special Cactus; it was given to me by my friends, Irene and Lee before they moved to Kansas.

I miss them dearly! It is one of those things that we all do, get close right before someone moves. Or when they get sick…or before they die.
Note to myself, “live and love now, no regrets later”.
Anyhow, they lived near the beach, I don’t. I knew the cactus would like it here, cacti like it hot.
It is coloring up very nicely. Now it is flowering.
It was just as beautiful at their house but a lot lighter.
It reminds me of good times and good friends and it has a great color palette to play with. Don’t you agree?


  1. OOoOOooO you are talkin something close to my heart...I ADORE Sediums and sempervivums ...and use to raise them in Oregon and California. You are so right...they inspire with color, form and growth. I miss them so...I brought what I could with me here to Havasu...but alas...the heat cooked the last of my babies...sniff sniff... I envy you your beautiful plants...and will just have to experience their beauty through you....

    Hugs for a great weekend...


  2. Good morning darling lady.

    Thank you for the lovely comments on Mr. Khan.


  3. Glad you like the Jodi.
    I would have thought they would do well out there.
    They are beautiful!

  4. Those are gorgeous!

    I couldn't agree more - nature IS the best artist.


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