Thursday, October 30, 2008

Witches, ghosts, and scary things…

OK, I told you I love this time of year, I told you I love Halloween, and I love what goes with this time of year even though it can be traumatic to me (ghosts). Another thing I love is witches with red hair, because I resemble that remark!
Well…if I was clay, this is what I would look like! Dawn Schiller from ODDFAE just posted this on eBay!!! I love mahwah (also a town in New Jersey), Dawn! Go look at the other views at the eBay link, she is hysterical.

She also did some pieces at sandy camp out of the Cernit in the new formulation (formerly known as G-Clay), how cute are these guys?? She is also the one that helped me make the Snakeman, posted previously in this blog. She is worth the time to look at what she does.

The Crabby one is made from the flesh color and highlighted with china paints. And the smiling friendly guy is made from what the Cernit clay people call biscuit. It is a color very much like bisque porcelain clay, they really did a wonderful job with this new formulation of Cernit. They kept the colors and the porcelain effect intact with out all of the weird things that Cernit used to do. LOL!!! it looks like mug shots for gnomes, ogres, goblins, and oddfae...perfect for the Halloween holiday. The Biscuit, Champagne, and Flesh colors are all excellent for making dolls and faces, hands, body parts, and feet.

It is scary to me what some people can do with clay, but in an oh so wonderful way!!

Photos of Oddies by Irene Niehorster, witch photo Dawn Schiller

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