Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall is here...

Fall is here...The light has changed and at night, it is nice and cool, what I call excellent sleeping weather. But the air is hot and dry during the day and it still feels like summer. This is my favorite time of year, I love the light and the cooling of the air at night, it is a break from the long summers and a chance for me to get a great nights sleep, I do not have any air conditioning in my home. A time of pomegranates on my neighbors tree, I love them.

It is the holiday time of Halloween. I love the skulls and the oranges and purples and greens. I love the dark things, vampires and bats, spiders and witches, and the color black. The children with their costumes and the squeals of laughter coming from them on Halloween night.

It is harvest time, time to gather all I have planted physically and metaphorically. It is a time for me when I can see the wheel of life turning with the coming of winter and the slow down that takes place in my life. It is also an emotional time of year for me, I almost dread this time of year because of the time markers or monuments that I have in October. It is a time of fires and the scariness and dread of that. When every time I smell smoke, I run around the house with my nose in the air like a dog, searching for the source.

I lost both of my grandparents in Oct on the 21st, Jim in 1982 and his wife Mary in 1997, My husband was diagnosed with cancer last year after the fires, and His sister Jill died 4 years ago on the 25Th. There is a great missing that comes in my life now and a great joy, it is a bi-polar month for me. And I seem to find a balance in that, between the two extremes. I find it hard sometimes to understand why I still love this month and the holiday as much as I do. I was perusing the Internet and I find that I am right on time with this missing and now is a great time to honor those in my family that have gone and those that have suffered, I love you and miss you all and I am so grateful for those that have lived through the trials and tribulations of life so that I can hug you another day!

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