Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sandy Camp

Well... I am tired and exhausted, but in a very good way! My guild, the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild, just threw our annual event called Sandy Camp. We have it at Warner Springs Ranch in Warner Springs, California every year for the last 8 years, the staff is so very kind to us. It was our 10th anniversary. IT WAS AWESOME! the best ever (imho). It is one of the nicest things, to have one of the best retreats I have ever been to, be part of what and where I am. Many wonderful and dear dear people had five fabulous days of fun, clay, food, spa, neck rubs, laughing, and general chaos. Demos and private little spontaneous classes, mass sharing and big hugs. I made a cone head, Dawn Schiller's competent and guiding light led several of us through an impromptu class, and then more (after I opened my big mouth about it), we loved it Dawn. I think that was the only thing I finished, LOL!!! Say hi to snake man, look at those teeth, that is porcelain white.
My cohorts on the Sandy Camp committee did a great job, in spite of things that sometimes get thrown in the way. We had a great time planning it. What a team.
The people and companies that came through for us went above and beyond the call of duty in supplying us with Goodie Bag stuff and wonderful things for the raffle, it was unbelievable. Thank you all for coming through for us yet again, you are treasured for your generosity in oh so many hearts. You are the best!
You have heard of the perfect storm? Well this was the perfect event, the weather even cooperated with us until the family feast, and even then it wasn't much of a bother. We had homemade cherry fudge and lavender fudge (I can not begin to describe how wonderful this is, except for it is f-ing good, not regular good), cake, pie, and other assorted desserts after that and then... the raffle, or opportunity drawing as it is known by. I won two jackets from Lee Kellogg at StampaFe Art Stamps, I wanted one so badly last year and now I have TWO. Thank you Lee for bringing them again. YAY for me!!!!
And if you get a chance check out her stamps they are wonderful, sacred hearts and shrines and lots of others that are so cool. And... Un-mounted are half the price. Check out deities/religion, hearts, and skeletons for some very interesting stamps, of course, as always, in my humble opinion.
She brings the jackets every year and it is what we all pine for except of course all the other stuff and Jami Millers hand made quilt, which was a show stopper in itself.
And last but not least, the wonderful and vibrant women that came from Israel, thank you all so much for sharing your love, your talent, your country, and your joy with all of us, we are forever better because of the experience.
There is so very much more to add but my brain is on leave.

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  1. Hi Marie...it is so great to have you here...I was just looking at more of your art and this snake man you created at your retreat is totally awesome! So unique and beautifully created. The retreat sounded wonderful! Hugs, Gayle.


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