Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cernit color mixes

This is a Cernit color mix of Brown and Opaque white, the original colors are on the left.

The mixes are shown with parts of Opaque white to one part of Brown, the results are on the right next to the number of parts of Opaque white.

One thing I need to tell you is that if you want to milk a color of Cernit down or if you want to make a color opaque you use Opaque White not regular white, which should really be called porcelain white, but it is not, so we deal.

This is done with caramel and Opaque white. Original colors on the left and amount of parts of opaque white with 1 part of caramel, results shown at the right.

At the bottom of the page is the mix of yellow, caramel, and Opaque white to make champagne or ecru-like colors.

The one on the very bottom of the page is the best ecru. It is 1 part yellow, 3 parts caramel, and 15 parts of opaque white. Notice how I wrote white on the page, pretend I wrote opaque white. ;-)

Here are some more mixes of champagne or ecru like colors.

The top one is 1 part caramel, 2 parts champagne, and 2 parts opaque white.

The bottom one is 1 part of brown, one part of yellow, 15 parts of opaque white.

This a ivory stack made from Cernit colors, now this I am very happy with, must be something to do with the translucency of all the colors.
It is in a stack of the same size sheets of these colors.
1 sheet of the best ecru color rolled out on the thickest setting, bottom of stack.
1 sheet of champagne rolled out on the thickest setting
1 sheet of opaque white rolled out on the thickest setting
1 sheet of translucent rolled out on the thickest setting, top of stack.
Flatten stack with fingers until 1/4" thick and roll through pasta machine on the thickest setting.
Cut in half and lay one half on top of the other and roll through the machine on the thickest setting again. You can stop here or do this step again.
Cut strip into sections and stack all in one block.
Cut again in half and stack one half on top of the other. Compact together with out reducing and slice off piece from the striated face for wood or ivory.


  1. Hello, your page is amazing, I really appreciate your work. But I don´t understand how to mix colours? If I take opaque white and black for example, I never get a new colour, always just a two-colour piece :(. Please I would be very glad for any advice, I would love to know how to mix Cernit.

  2. For the colors above Jeanette I kneaded them like dough.
    If you just put them together they will be black and white, you have to mix them together by kneading.

  3. You also haveto make sure it is Opaque white and not the other porcelain white


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