Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- pallet palaces

I will show you my other pressie from OWOH tomorrow.
I want to show you something today that really blows my mind. There is a blog on-line that my friend Pörrö turned me on to about recycled art.

It is called, oddly enough, Recyclart ;-D or
There are all these pages and pages of art using recycled materials for art, functional and aesthetic purposes both. I spent an hour on there this afternoon and have been going back on and off since then.
Pretty impressive with my attention span, oh look pretty shiny thing! LOL!
Someone once told me that if I was from the animal kingdom I would be a magpie or a crow. And you know what? I can totally relate to that. It is truly amazing that I get as much done as I do.
Anyway... LOL! This place kept my attention for a long time and I think if you love art and you love recycling that you will love this website.
There are tons of DIY projects and lots of eye candy and reasons to recycle. Not only that, when I saw some of the things up there, it made me think, "man, that took a lot of bottle caps" or "geesh, that takes tons of bottles to do that" and the reality of all the waste we have on this planet slammed me right in the face. 
Now, I am a good girl, I recycle a lot. I save the strangest things, and I get ridiculed often by my children about the behavior of saving some things, not using paper plates, and bitching about doing dishes, wearing clothes until they are full of holes, sewing my socks up when they have holes, not dying my hair anymore, and on and on and on. I am also on a very tight budget and this helps a lot too.
I like to eat fast food once in awhile, but because of budget constraints, I can not. I see now how much waste is involved with eating fast food. And they(fast food joints of America) have huge dumpsters out side of their establishments and they are full all of the time.
Those dumpsters do though provide food for the homeless around here, so I am glad for that!
Anyway... speaking of homeless, if I ever lose my house, I could live in this.
go see the rest of the pictures. Amazing cost 500$
Sit in these chairs
the PDF to make these is only 5$ and the link is above. Check it out!
Sit on this sofa, looks comfy right?
 Have this for a coffee table
go see the rest of the pictures. God save the Queen!
I could have this for my office.

Madi could sleep in this.
You have to admit, this is very cute!

Maybe this could be my addition
Wait, this is better than my house, check out the picture at night.

Queen of heart coffee table, no way, I am switching with the other coffee table and putting the other one in the guest house!
I just love that I can roll this around! Go see the other ones.

Wait, maybe this house is much better.
You have to go see the other pictures. Take a coffee/tea with you! You can see the rest of the details there.
I think you are getting the pallet picture here. I could keep going, there are tons more of these pallet recycles, but the other recycle projects that are up there are worth taking a gander at.
Oh, I almost forgot, I would like to have you all over for a barbecue, heck invite the whole world!
All pictures from Recyclart website here
Thank you!
 This is waste. It is beautiful.
Take a coffee/tea and some of your valuable and precious time and open your mind to changing the world. You and I can do it!
My many thanks to all of the people with the brilliant minds who came up with all of this beauty and  for opening my mind.
All of the info and people involved can be found by following the links given.
My sincere and profound gratitude to Recyclart for taking the time to do this and Pörrö for taking the time to share this with me.
You are all lights in my life!


  1. Holy cow Marie!
    These are utterly AMAZING. There is a place near us that dumps palettes when thy are slightly broken--I could build a storage shed!
    I've got to check the site when I have time; it is just jaw-dropping amazing!
    Thanks for posting the link!


  2. Oh Marie you were repeating my mantra!! I too save all kinds of things, wear clothes forever, do not use paper plates and so on. I even reuse my wooden Brie cheese boxes and make them into Mary boxes!! You go girl!!!!!! The planet needs you.

  3. i cannot make the quick comment i planned on. i have to come back when i have more time and let these pallets astound me. wowwowow!

    you are triple cool today...

  4. These are so cool to have but they won't remain meat like that once I occupy them. There will be clothes and shoes and art supplies. Hahah! Also these are wonderful if they are inside a building that could protect them from hurricane winds. Unfortunately we live in hurricane country. :(

  5. Thanks for helping to open peoples eyes Marie. There are too many people who just don't give a hoot about the environment and our effect upon it. Have you seen The Green Beautiful? I have watched part of it on You Tube, if you find time, consider watching part one, what an amazing concept.

    Keep on saving and recycling! I will too.

  6. LOL. As I said on facebook, this place just keeps giving. I am not much of a good "fan" of anything as I get distracted but this blog is one of those "must read" ones in my rss reader among with family and closest friends. It has space (and litterarily time from me) I always spend, no matter how busy.

  7. Oh wow Marie! I just love these, going to leave this page open tonight so I can investigate those links with my brekkie tomorrow!

  8. There are some fabulous things here! Thanks, as always, for sharing this - Marie. :) Theresa

  9. Fantastic, amazing, wonderful!!! I love seeing this!!! It makes me feel so good inside! I love this planet and every little bit helps!

  10. Thanks kj!
    I love being triple cool. I do not do that very often!!

  11. LOL! It would not stay neat if I lived in it either Ces. LOL!!
    You are right about the hurricanes, but we could use them hear in earthquake and fire country and they would cheaper to replace too.
    Brick and mortar would be my choice where you live!!

  12. Our society has been disposable, for so long and we are so far removed from the disposal of things that I think it hard for people to relate to or imagine. I remember going to the dump as a child and seeing mountains and mountains of trash and the smell, it something hardly anyone does anymore. There is a huge difference in seeing it in person and seeing it on tv.
    More personal when you go there.
    Sort of like seeing your meat being butchered.

  13. I know what you mean Pörrö, our time is very precious and short so anything that can keep my attention through that is amazing.
    I think I will thoroughly enjoy though, I can even see making some of these things.

    I have some pallets waiting even. LOL.

  14. You will probaly need more than a break, Carmen. I was on there yesterday for a few hours and only got to 100 pages and I was just looking for pallet stuff.
    So much to see.

  15. All my pleasure Theresa, I learn so much doing these Wednesday Wonder posts.
    They are very fun to do.

  16. I love this planet too MLC, I can not image living anywhere else. ;-D
    I think that if we each did a little something we all might be able to help Gaia!!

  17. Thank you Marie for the compliment on Recyclart !
    We are glad you like our site and stay online there is many and many new recycling, upcycling and reusing idea coming !


  18. Neokentin, it is all my pleasure.
    Thank you so much for taking some of your valuable time to come over.
    I am and I am sure some of my pretties are looking forward to what you have coming at Recycart!
    Blessings all over you!


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