Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Wonders- Bento lunch and back

Japan has been on my mind since the Earthquake and Tsunami. I am so sad and I can not watch the television anymore.

I wanted something for Wednesday Wonder, something unusual and interesting.

I kept coming back to Japan as I was searching for something, so I decided to go with it. I searched for art, there is so much, so much. This group of people, the Japanese, are talented in their culture, it is in their blood.

I also needed to smile and something that was light and cheerful, Bento Art came up.
Wow, I had no idea.
These are little works of art that are gone in minutes and so beautifully done. Really amazing stuff.
Bento is a lunch box in Japan and if I was a kid in Japan I would definitely eat my lunch. It looks so good. There is a mother's love in these.

I got this from a wonderful site,
there is a post with 20+Creative Bento boxes.
DJ also looks like he has some other intriguing things to look at too, check it out!
He is a web designer and has a passion for designing.

I got this awesome wave from Alice's blog.
Alice is a prolific poster and has tons of art focused posts. A very interesting place to spend some hours. She has 9 other pics of bangin' bento.
Here is Alice's profile at

From Sakurako Kitsa. This is her Bento box Album at Flickr to look at
She has some other great photos to look at here

Here is a great article at 
all about Bento and there is even a video for making formed hard-boiled eggs. It is called the Japanese Art of Bento!- lunch in a box? or art?
It basically tells you everything Bento. Great!!  

And this is a fantastic source of Bento and how-to's from Anna the red
And here is Anna's  photostream at Flickr
Well worth the visit too.

In honor of the Japanese people, their richly diverse culture, and their creative minds.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 


  1. marie, this post honors in the most special way....

    i love bento boxes. when ever i order one in an asian restaurant i feel it is such a fun treat. i didn't know there was an art form from them, so of course i thank you yet again for such an enlightening and interesting wealth of info.


  2. Yummy! That is some pretty awesome love packed in those lunch boxes. It is so good to visit my friends again. Hoping to make it a daily practice again. **kisses** Deb

  3. wonderful fresh fun and a smile from me, thank you!

  4. These are terrific, Marie.

    I have a friend who is a fireman and was sent to Japan to help out. I am waiting to see what he posts on Facebook.

  5. Hi Marie! I can't watch tv either :-( I don't put on the tv very much,so i'm never the first who knows about the news. I heard about Japan 3 days later :-(
    Its unbelievable that there are so many dissasters all around the world the last few years....
    Now i want to smile and gonna check out these gorgeous yummie luchboxes!
    Take care my dear far-away friend :-)

    xoxo Donna

  6. Hi Marie, what a wonderful tribute. It breaks my heart to watch the news, too. These are fabulous examples of bento art. Thank you for your heartfelt post. Theresa

  7. My OH has the news channel permanently on - so many tears have been shed this week - it's certainly made me stop grumping about our British weather I can tell you.

    These are gorgeous works of art - I'd never want to eat them :)

  8. Excellent post Marie ;o) I love bento boxes! They are so beautiful and cool!

  9. Very nice post, Marie. It is so heart wrenching to watch (and feel so helpless) all that is going on in Japan. On the other hand, some of the stories are just amazing and heroic. Stories of people leaving water on the shelf in a store so others can get some too, no looting, orderly lines, and the stories of rescues.

  10. Oh I missed this post on my FB feed last week! I am glad to read it now! I LOVE creative bento and all creative looking food!

    On the 17th I was looking up some inspiration for the Kawaii charms which I am sending to Japan. I found the following blog post which I now ADORE, via Google images... - The HELLO KITTY ONE!!! The others are just as cute and cool!


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