Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Wonder- OWOH pressie

I wonder how big the magnifying glass is that Amber Dawn works with?
I got this pressie from OWOH 2011 also, it came later because it was custom-made for me, see there is my name.
If you look at the picture without any other pieces or fingers or ruler there, it looks as if it might 2" in diameter. So much detail.
The only thing that really gives away the size is the jump ring, but not really.
With a penny, now you can see it.
It covers the penny. It is smaller though.
Amber Dawn has a blog Inventive Soul here

So small.
She also has a wonderful Flickr site here

The jump ring looks huge here compared to the charm.
Amber Dawn also hosts International Charm day here

It came like this, in a 1" button cover. It doesn't fill it up.

I wonder!
Now you know why this, to me, qualifies as a Wednesday Wonder.
Thank you Amber Dawn, this amazes me and I adore it!
I had to take pictures so I could see it ;-D


    That make my fingers hurt to even think about making something that tiny, detailed and lovely!
    Beautiful prize Marie!
    Hurray for YOU!!!


  2. ~*Marie, your post makes me smile! It's so much fun to "hear" and "see" how my little creations make people feel.
    I use a pair of reading glasses that I bought from CVS (do you have that drug store chain in CA?) It's a 2.75 magnification. I need it!

    I hope you guys join in on the International Charm Day celebration!!!

    Thank you for being a part of my world! :o)

  3. I love that - so tiny and sweet. I wonder too - what magnification I'd need to create something that tiny and detailed? Probably the Hubble telescope!!

  4. Hi Marie! What a lovely personal gift. :) Amber Dawn made such a perfectly sweet pendant for you. :) Theresa

  5. a small treasure for a big heart....

    smooch, marie. catch you on the other end of a quick jet plane or two.

  6. A very pretty and unique charm! I can't imagine working on something that small with so much detail!


  7. I could never, ever make anything that small (well, I could but it would be a small blob - hahaha!). That is adorable, and it just sings of Spring! xox Pam


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