Sunday, October 11, 2009

List of winners for the 5th giveaway!

I want to ship these out all at the same time. So if you can please wait, I will get them out to you all as soon as all of the rest of the winners reply.
Thank you so much all of you, for playing along with me!!!
I am looking forward to seeing what you all make with your kits!!
Terry's Treasures (too late, no response)

Anonymous Tina G
Sharon P
Bygone Productions (too late, no response)
Creager Studios
SandiLee James

I have waited until today 10/18/09 (I think that is more than fair) to see if the winners that had not contacted me would reply and they haven't so I am going to pick two more people. I will get back to you with the new winners.


  1. congrats again to all the lucky winners!!! you are so giving and sweet Marie!!!

  2. Congratulations to everyone who even just has the chance to blog with you. Look at that full head of curly read hair! Shazam! Oh yeah! Hmn Madi. She has to in the portrait, yes? Hmn? Do you want anything special for me to include, Feel free to tell me. it would help me a lot.

  3. Oh, yea! Marie, thank you so much for this cool giveaway!! I never win ANYTHING - so this was a huge surprise! I couldn't get the email link to work (something with my computer). Can I send my infor on Flickr mail?

  4. Melissa Just tell Howard that it is important he print it out and give it to me, please!
    Sometime he forgets.
    Or you can email me at


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