Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Belfry alert- another gone batty!

It seems it is too late, another is completely batty! This is not really a bad thing; in some places it might even be considered a good thing. It is just batastic to see these bat pendants, it means that someone is reading. Thank you!

A la fangs!!! Cute, cute, and cuter with the babies!!
The fangs are a very nice touch Robin! Very nice.

Robin Milne is definitely batty!!! She is on a roll.
Robin has all kinds of great pieces on her Flickr site, you can see them here

How she finds time to go batty I will never know. She is the president of the New Jersey Polymer Clay Guild and Vice President of the Bead Society of New Jersey.

Is this a murder of Bats?

Robin also has a wonderful Etsy Store, Claying Around, with some beautiful pieces. You can visit her store here at this link!
Thank you Robin for taking a batty time out in your busy life, it means the world to me.

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