Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7th giveaway-it is dead WINNER!!

I am so nervous and Gramma takes her time on these.

She counts all of the comments.
And then she counts all of the extra comments.
She subtracts the extra comments from the total comments to make sure she is correct.
She writes all the names on papers.
She counts those again to make sure the total is right.

She folds all the little papers in half and then folds them in half again and one more time for good measure.
By the time she does this they are all mixed up
She stirs them all up and then counts them again.

Then after that she picks one!!

you are the winner and gramma says the follow place is on the right,
 she moved it up so you could see it!!

Chris get gramma your address.
Her e-mail is on her profile page.
I hope you all have a safe and great Halloween if I don't talk to you before that!


  1. Oh, thank you so much,Theresa. I think she is, but I am totally biased.

  2. I love coming here and sharing in the tenderness that dwells so richly within you,

    With love, M

  3. love the hat... and the baby... adorable...

  4. She is soooo beautiful Marie!!!! =)


  5. Thank you Maithri, what a truly nice thing to say. You have made my day!

  6. Thank you Mother Moon. Those hats are awesome and all hand made.
    They are warm and functional.
    I just love them and they also have bears and sheep and piggys, none though as cute as the witches hat in my opinion.

  7. Thank you Lori. I think she is the cats meow, but I am enthralled.

  8. Oh Madi you are the most adorable witch ever. I see you follow in your grandma's footsteps.

    Marie, I received the most thoughtful gift I have ever gotten in the mail yesterday.

    I opened it and then I put it back in the envelope. I opened it again and the tears that had been prickling in my eyes started to flow.

    I love it so much Marie, so much.

    I took it to bed with me last night so that I could look at it before I fell asleep.

    Marie I appreciate it like you can only imagine.

    Thank you darling Marie. I will never forget this heartfelt gift or your heartfelt intentions.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  9. Isn't that a darling hat, Renee? She is so cute in it too.
    I hope seriously that she follows her own footsteps, though. ;-O

    I am so very glad you like it.
    Love and hugs my pretty, love and hugs.

  10. oh so cute!!! she is the sweetest!!! I love the witch hat too!!!

    Congrats to the lucky winner!!!

  11. Cutest. Baby. Ever. Since mine were little!!! And SOOO happy. Congratulations to your lucky winner. **blows kisses** Deb

  12. Thanks Diana, she is special, that Madi!
    I love love love the hats, I will have to see if they have *big kids* too, LOL!!!
    Those hats are so well made!!

  13. LOL, Deborah!! You kids must have ben outstanding then. I know they are really beautiful now!!
    She is very happy and really fun too.
    Seems to be more fun than her mom and aunt were!! LOL!!

  14. Oh, Marie, Madi is beyond adorable!! Such a cutie - and she seems so happy! Congrats to the lucky winner!! Love, Silke

  15. She seems to be most of the time, Silke. She is a very good and happy baby.
    She is also a big ham and does this kind of stuff whenever the cameras come out.


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  17. I love my picture Marie.


  18. Marie, she is so precious..gets cuter each time you post a picture of her. What fun you are having!! Congrats to the winner!!

  19. Hi MArie!! just wanted to wish you and your cutie pie a Happy Halloween!!!

    sending some virtual treats to you both!!!


    I come here with a thought in mind and Madi just erases everything and all I can muster is a smile and a giggle. I love you madi. Thank you for making me laugh and love life. Thank you for your grandmother who is one of the finest women in this world. You are blessed my dear Madi! Happy Halloween. Avoid the hard candies, you are too young still may be just bits of smoth milf chocolate. Ooops! Don't tell grandma I told you.

  21. LOL...congratulations to Chris!

    And how cute is she?


  22. Thank you Jonty. I don't understand why people do things like this to others. They must be very unhappy.
    I hope your effort helps.

  23. Hi Lynda, I think you are right. I don't how she could get cuter but she does.
    Maybe it is just me. LOL!!

  24. Thanks Diana for the virtual treats.
    Madi says Happy Halloween too and that she is in love with a certain pirate.

  25. I love you too Auntie Ces and so does gramma!!!

  26. She is pretty cute Brigett, pretty cute!! I am over the moon, this little girl lights my life.


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