Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Mrs.B's

Mrs.B at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom  http://silvermoonwitch.blogspot.com/ is having a month long celebration of Halloween, called the 31 days of Halloween. It has been a blast so far and I am excited to say that tomorrow, the 14th of October, I am going to be part of this giveaway extravaganza!!

There are usually 5 things given away. I am one of those. This little hand wand is only about 6" long, has handmade Cernit embellishments on both ends, a quartz crystal point, made with 14 gauge copper wire and wrapped with 24 gauge copper wire with glass beads of all kinds added to that.

It has a little sign in the middle that says magick made out of Cernit and it is packed with love and good intentions for the user.
It comes in a beautiful chocolate colored bag.


  1. That's gorgeous, Marie! I love this little wand. I'll have to head on over to Mrs. B and see if I might be lucky... Hugs, Silke

  2. Thank you so much for donating for today! Your wand is truly magical!

  3. This is really beautiful, if course I had to join this one! My own wand had broken when I moved to my mom's.

    Kisses ofr Nydia.

  4. I truly believe that since you made it, it is magical.Lovely.

  5. I won this wand on Mrs Bs site and it came in the mail today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you :-)


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