Monday, August 31, 2009

You are awesome Pattee

I got the cutest post card from Pattee at Odd-Dolls She had posted that she had some post cards and stamps made at
I jokingly commented that I would like her to send me a card and... She did!!! The stamps are just the cutest things. I think it is awesome that you can put your artwork in a postage stamp... or your grand daughter LOL!!!
Oh my stamps with Madi, I love it. But the face above resting in her little hands is just darling!

Pattee's art work is fun and a little different and well worth visiting her to see what she does.
I love and follow her blog. A good read, pleasant visuals, great art, and a nice person make for a rewarding visit.
Thank you Pattee, you made my week.
And yes, I am going to Sandy Camp, I am on the committee too.
Please come ;-D


  1. I want to say that Pattee is one of the best people in the whole world. I love her and Marie I am so glad that you have highlighted her talent.

    Thank you Marie for letting Pattee shine.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  2. YAY!!! I get to give Marie SC huggles.

  3. Thank you Marie....

    Now you've made my week!!!

    I'm so glad you liked the card.. and I really do think it's cool to put your art or grandchildren or children on a stamp!

    Of course those stamps don't get used to pay bills! : )

    Thank you again so much for putting me on your blog.

    I so wish I was going to Sandy Camp... but I don't think I can....
    I roomed with Dawn Schiller and Caroline (?) the last time I came.
    I wonder if they'll go again.


  4. Yay!!! I get to give Kahti Sandy Camp hugs!!! ;-D

  5. I am glad I could make your week, it was so very nice of you to send me a card Pattee.
    It is my honor to put you on my blog!!!

    Dawn and Carolyn are going again Pattee.
    It would be great if you could come.
    We always have a great time!
    Lots of cool demos planned too!

  6. Sorry Kathi, I am just not connecting with this keyboard today.
    Kahti =Kathi

  7. Marie, Just popping in to see if you got the pictures I sent of the goodies I mentioned in my blog. If there is another e-mail address, let me know. Thanks. Susan

  8. Hi my friend! How is your week going. I hope you are not too close to the fires. I am praying for lots of rain for you all.
    I love this post. Sweet little dolls. I love zazzle, and have been wanting to get some stamps too! I love the post on the altered art puzzle pins. So cute and original.
    Have a happy and creative week. luv, gail

  9. Really cute! Have to go check out Zazzle!

  10. Pattee is incredible Tracey, isn't she?

  11. Not too close right now Gail, thanks! Keep praying for rain! LOL!! We got spit on the other day. Just enough to make it grossly humid.
    Aren't Pattee's babies the cutest?
    She seemed very happy with zazzle, so check it out.
    I love the altered puzzle pieces too, I thought it was a brilliant idea, I am so glad Susan Z shared it with us at the retreat.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Aren't they Lynda. Pattee should get a commission for making them look great!!!

  13. Hi Renee I just saw this post I must of missed it...

    But I was hit in my heart when I saw Renee's post ~ Thank you for being a good friend to me...


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