Monday, August 24, 2009

Amazing Grace

I have always loved the song Amazing Grace, but I think hearing it in Native American flutes just added a whole new love for a song that I will say has many plays and tears in my life.

I also like it in bag pipes.

Listen to this, it is incredible.

I found it on a blog I follow Dr. Maithri (Pronounced My 3) is an angel on earth and works in Swaziland with children and people with HIV. He is also a glorious singer himself, a poet too. I didn't find the song on Soaring impulse but Dr. M's other blog a blog dedicated to the memory of John O'Donohue, who kissed Dr. M's life with his fragrant words.

In blog land there are people that move my life and touch my soul and they are right at the keyboard I type on. This is indeed a wonderful world we live in. Angels are among us everyday.

My daughter, granddaughter, and I donated old baby clothes, baby baths, extra diapers, shoes, and all kinds of stuff on Saturday to a place called Serenity House, their mission is to:

“North County Serenity House is committed to providing behavioral health services in a safe, secure environment to women, children, and families through a multidisciplinary approach that improves and promotes health, fosters learning, embraces diversity, and enhances quality of life in our community.”
It is a humbling experience to see women that take your old stuff as if it is Christmas and like it was brand new. It is a small thing that we did, but it made us feel great and we helped many families with the gesture.

We are saving up to make another run.

Maithri and Serenity House also take monetary donations if you are so inclined, follow their links. It takes a planet.

As Maithri says

"Walk with me.
Together we will find ways of making a change.
My love to you, Maithri"


  1. Sweet Marie I have not read a post that has touched me so much in a long time.

    Thank you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Dear Renee it was and is a good feeling when I can help.
    Thank you so much, you being touched means the world to me.
    I love you.

  3. My dear Marie,

    I am so moved and humbled by your kindness...

    Your daughter and you are such wonderful ambassadors for peace and possibility in this world,

    Thank you for being here,

    The light shines so brightly in you,

    Much love, Maithri

  4. Dr. Maithri , I am so honored to have you visit my blog.
    I feel what you do is so big and I can not do what you do. But people should know that it is ok to help anyway we can in any amount.
    Thank you for being and doing what you do, for me as well as all the others you take care of.
    Bless you in your light so that I may shine in mine.
    Together we can move mountains,
    Love and hugs.

  5. hello marie dear. such a loving and kind act. hope your day is blessed. sorry for the lower cases. one hand typing. haha.

  6. hello my dearest ces,i don't mind one handed typing i love it. i really love it when i am holding madi.
    thanks for coming by, i wish you better fast now.
    i am so glad that you put all of your work on one page so i can visit and see you there.
    hope you are having a blessed and quiet day, have you considered finger painting yet hahaha
    love and hugs

  7. Yeah! What a lovely post from a lovely lady :)


  8. Just listening to this again, it is so moving Marie.

    You are a dear and Ces has the heart the size of the moon.


  9. Thanks Michelle!!
    From one lovely lady to another!!
    Have a GREAT week,
    LOve and hugs.

  10. Or maybe even Jupiter Renee.
    I don't see any dragons, just a huge loving heart.
    OK now some juvenile behavior...
    Takes one to know one dear!!!!

  11. What a beautiful video, Marie! Thank you! I adore Native American flutes(and bagpipes!).

    Thanks also for the links to Dr. Maithri's blogs.

    Hugs and Love,

  12. I like them too Angela, stirs my soul and I relax, they are so beautiful.

    Another soul stirring place is Dr.M's. Have fun there and enjoy the beauty that he is.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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