Saturday, August 29, 2009

PCCMMR- another story- altered art puzzle pins

I have a post today that is about Pccmmr-Polymer clay collaborative and mixed media retreat I went to in West Virginia in June.
Read about it here:
or search PCCMMRetreat on this blog in the google search to the right.
They are getting ready for 2010 (can you believe that, 2010 weird)

My friend Meredith writes about Susan Z here:

One of the all time highlights of my time there was the final demo of the week long retreat.
Susan Zacher had done her preparation and this was sooooooooo much fun.

She had painted puzzle pieces with Lumiere paints front and back for our substrates. Those were beautiful by themselves. I love Lumiere paints, I can use them for almost any surface and they are permanent. I LOVE the Metallic Olive Green in the first picture? My fave. Plus I carry them too, it is a blatant plug. I love products that can be used for tons of things.
Anyway... then she brought out all of the things that we could embellish the puzzle pieces with.
OMG!! a ton of stuff and some things I got to work with that I never had, so much fun.
Stickles, black and white old timey images, plastic jewels, words printed on paper, she even had clay pieces but I didn't do those (sometimes I just have to put down the clay), stamp pads with different inks, stamps (I used some word stamps that I had from ERAGraphics), metal pieces, fabric stuff, feathers, and so much stuff it was unbelievable.
It was like walking in to a portable craft shop.
Crazy fun and I could have done this for hours. 
Check out how she made up words directed at a polymer clay group, such consideration in the gesture.
One of the best demos I have ever gone to.
She supported us with encouragement and showed us how to use some of the products worked if we had never used them. Guiding with out making us do it her way. She would say "well you could do this, or this, or this", or "you might want to do this" or "you can do whatever you want".
OMG!!! I can do whatever I want??? Hee hee hee, gets me every time.
One of the best parts is when I asked if I could make another and she said..."Make as many as you want". Geesh I didn't move, I was on a mission then. You know, I don't sit down and do many demos, I watch them for a moment and then move on, but I am so glad I did take the time to sit in on this one. 
We put pin backs on them (she brought those in several different sizes) left them to dry a bit and took home this pirates booty of wonderful, personal, and brilliant art from our hearts.
Susan, Oh Susan you are coming next year, right??? 
Thank you from the bottom of my pointy heart, this is a jewel in my life and I love you for sharing this with me.
I had sooooooooooo much fun.


  1. Ah these women
    look so bohemian!
    The things you do,
    so varied!
    You are busy,
    never idle.

    What's this? The word verification is cessant!

  2. Thanks Ces, I loved this play-demo Susan did. Boho for sure.
    I feel like I am going crazy if I am not doing something or making something. You can probably understand this, yes?

    New word- always busy, always doing something... cessant.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! How cool are those puzzel peices. Brillant!!!

  4. I am happy that you had a wonderful time. That makes me glad.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. I had a great time Marzel. It was really a brillant project, you are right.
    I liked the idea of using old puzzle pieces too.

  6. That is where I got your picture from Meta at Renee. It was a wonderful trip.
    You are going with me next year, remember?

  7. Wow these are beautiful!!!

    You are a busy person I've seen it in person .... long long time ago now.

    Great idea~

  8. What fun! Are you going next year? Oh, I can't even think about it. But, I will think about it, sounds like such a wonderful week!! Hugs,Lynda

  9. oh these are so cool Marie!!! I love them....I agree with Ces....

    You are busy,
    never idle.


  10. I love these puzzle pins! They are so charming.

    I noticed you have integrated your photos into your post, which looks great.Wish I could figure out how to do that! LOL

  11. Wow! So beautiful!

    Marie... I put up a whole series of badges on the website today in the 'connect' section which your free to use for your blog ;)

    Much love, M

  12. How come I can't leave a comment on your latest post Sister Marie?

    BTW, you mean incessant! Cessant is when I sit still on Ces's lap. Incessant is when I run around chewing on socks and rolling all over the place! I am Daisy the puppy today!

  13. Marie for some reason I can't write on the post about Pattee, but she is one of my favourite all time people.

    Her work is amazing.


  14. Guess what came in the mail yesterday! It's beautiful and I love it!
    Thank you so much Marie...I'm wearing it right now and don't plan on taking it off anytime soon :)


  15. Maithri thank you... for your comment and the buttons. I will take advantage of those and conratulations on your new project!!
    It is a wonderful thing!!
    Love and hugs

  16. Ces I fixed it. Come back and leave it in the right place.
    I worked on this post late last night. The electricity went off twice and it seemed tha fates were working against me. LOL!!

  17. I am sorry Renee, thanks for coming back and posting again.
    Love and hugs my pretty.

  18. Yay!!! Michelle. Something for you to wear to have fun in.

  19. Thank you Jolie! I think Susan Z's idea is an awesome one.

    I work in Blogger in Draft now instead of just blogger, I give up spell check, but putting in photos is a heck of a lot easier and the one that are integrated are the smallest size. There is a little bar right under the photos when you put them in the post and you can make them do anything from the bar, much easier than the other way.
    And since you have a 2 column blog you have to make the one that go with the words small or they will come out in the middle or with no words near them. Does that help?

  20. Love these puzzle pieces! They are adorable!!


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