Saturday, August 29, 2009

I won an adorable dog- it is pugalishous!

I was so excited about winning the Pug Halloween ornament from Marie Z or Marzel as she is know by at the The Play of Light and Shadow, I could hardly wait for it to get here. I had won one of her monthly giveaways.
The box came the other day; I was feeding my grand daughter and had to wait till I opened it because she can not wait when she is eating. The girl loves her food; I know where she gets that from. I had a few ants in my pants needless to say and that is when the whole world gets in the way, right? Of course!!!
Any way... I finally got to open it.
And when I did I was so impressed, there was a little halloween display of leaves, tissue, berries, ribbon, little cut out spooky shapes and skulls rings. Doesn't it look darling? I had the staging all in the box for the photos.
And that is how I took it out of the box, 1 thing at a time slowly and cherishing every moment I spread out the tissue and laid out the leaves and the PUG DOG, isn't he the cutest? He has cute collar of silver foil and a spider web ruffle.

He is ghostie, He is made out of clay, has rhinestones in his eyes,  a cone cap made from spooky paper and a spray of foil streamers and a bat to top that. Not one thing was out of place the way she wrapped it for me.

And the pirate ducky, can you believe this woman?  This is the giveaway and she does one every month. She also has some great free blog backgrounds and free graphics. She has a lot to give and a wonderful woman and talented artist.
This is one of the cutest Halloween goodies I have gotten in a long time.
I have been put on restriction from buying Halloween goodies because I go a little insane, it is my all time favorite holiday.
Winning this is a highlight for me. He is on the table right next to where I sit so I can pick him up and hold him and gaze in to his eyes. The detail is wonderful.
I think you get the point.
You know you have a few days left on her next giveaway, just in time for the spooktacular holidays coming. If I were you, I would get my butt over there A.S.A.P. and get in on the cutest Bat in the world.
Thank you so much Marzel, I just love him!!!


  1. will you do all my promoting for halloween orginal art??? Thank you so much. I love giving and delight people. In a way it is hard for my husband... I spend so much time on photography and my blog and my art and the majority I giveaway!! But that will never change no matter how much I sell-- I just like it too much. Your photos were great. Thanks you is thrilling that you really enjoyed it!! HUGS!!

  2. LOL!! if you wish!!
    I can tell you enjoy what you do from the way everything was put together Marzel.
    Marzel I wish you so much more than you can ever imagine your generosity and kindness is legendary in my book!!
    I could feel it coming out of the box, good vibes and a giveaway, I am there!
    Thank you so much again; it was a great day in blog land when I found your spooky home.
    Boos and hisses

  3. Congrats on winning this fabulous piece! Lucky girl!!
    THanks so much for visiting today, it means so much♥ Darla

  4. I love all your goodies!! Glad you won too! Computer problems on this end. Hugs, Lynda


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