Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I wanted to share with you some of the Candle shades that my friend Maria Jam Brown has been making lately.
They are made from Cernit polymer clay and alcohol inks and mica powders. You can find all of these products in my store the Clay Factory.
I think these are amazing in their execution and drama, so simple yet SO wonderful.
Lesson here for me too, complex and complicated is not always better.
Thank you for this Maria and thank you for letting me share these beauties.
Enjoy the expression, joy, and drive of something well done!
These are stunning!
This is excerpt from the Facebook post I made in my store pages.

This candle holder is made by Northwest Artist and a cartographer at IRL in Seattle, Washington, Maria Jam Brown. I love the quality of nature Maria Jam Brown has captured in the Polymer clay with ink colored translucent Cernit.
From Maria's post,
"Today's project: translucent Cernit and mica gold mixed with alcohol inks to create an amber, gold, and rosy quartz candle holder. It looks a bit like it was carved from Himalayan salt! (I had to test it out with a tea light before giving it as a gift tomorrow. )"
Here is Maria's on line studio with pieces she makes, tutorials, and info at her page at Blonde Crow Studio.
# Cernit
Here is the very first candle shade she made.

Here are the new Candle shades she has been making! I love the colors and the effect she is getting and how about those trees?

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