Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pendant light shade re-do!

You know the shades they have for the lights that hang down low over your bar or kitchen sink, pendant lights? They have the best shades, very artsy! Thick, nice, clear, or frosted textured and or smooth.
Many colors!
Well, what happens when you break one and you have to replace all the shades because you can not find the ones you have anymore...out of style?
You replace the Pendant lamps with new shades, get a face lift for the kitchen,  and make something out of those shades.
I got these from a friend that found a bunch of them. Gave a few to me at clay day, and told me to make something, it was so funny because a couple of days before I had pulled out a Lamp shade from a floor lamp that I absoluetly loved and had broken. I could not through the glass away. I loved it! I was going to and then this hit me. Like a slap upside the head it came to me.
I went to clay day and then more glass lamp shades came my way. bam! There is the idea, ready and waiting in the back of my trap.
There is a saying that if you see something three times look in to it! It is trying to tell you something.
I don't really wait for three anymore! More that once within a week I check it out!

Here is the result of the shades and below is the large one I am doing. About punch bowl size I would say. Perfect for table top, with dried flowers or ornamental fruit in glass.


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